Garl Vinland the Once Faithful Warden
Lore: A strange warrior from a land foreign to lordran. It is rumored that he once served a maiden in once silver armor. After failing to protect his charge he removed her hood as a symbol of rememberance and regret. During his wandering, a strange beast whispered into his ear that should he gather enough humanity, his maiden might be reborn. And so now he hunts the undead for the humanity they carry with the hopes that the whispers speak their deal with truth. Over time, his armor and weapon has twisted and perverted from his exposure to the dark.
- - - - - - - - -
Starting class: Cleric
Starting Gift: Master key (to get to other places faster) or Black Firebombs (To get Demon's Great Hammer)

Vit: 42
Att: 12
End: 41
Str: 50
Dex: -
Res: -
Int: -
Fai: 30-50

R1: Demon's Great Hammer +15 (Bramd after exposure to the dark. it's original appearance is lost beneath the perversion it has become.) ( Or you can swap this with Grant)
R2: Dark Hand (A gift from the dark. He uses the ability of lifedrain to sap the humanity from his quarry)
L1: Grass Crest Shield (For reasons unknown, the shield he carries has resonated with his resolve, allowing him greater stamina recovery when he is weary)
L2: Ivory Talisman

Dingy Hood (His trinket to remind him of Astraea...he has not washed it or cleaned it causing it to become dirty and decayed. It is rumored that within this hood, he can hear Astraea's voice of guidance. He left his original helmet behind to mark his maiden's grave.)

Black Knight Armor (His once silver armor has become tainted and twisted by the dark. His feelings of wrath and regret have twisted it's design causing protrusions on it's surface.)

Dark Gauntlets (His once silver gauntlets have become tainted and twisted by the dark. The hands that once dutifully protected maiden Astraea now seek to revive her by robbing others of their humanity. But how long can he retain his sanity before hollowing?)

Dark Leggings (His once silver leggings have become tainted and twisted by the dark. When he turned and left his maiden's gravesite in a defiled and rotten valley, he left on a journey to find a way to revive his former mistress and punish the one who took her away in the first place. With the powers of the dark at his disposal can he achieve this goal?)

Rusted Iron Ring
Havel's Ring

Great Magic Barrier
Karmic Justice

Notes: This is an RP CAN be tweaked for PvP if it pleases you but I built this mostly for PvE. I have used it in PvP before and it holds up decently, especially against sorcerers but otherwise is unremarkable. As a regular character, it's not a bad build and it is a beastly boss buster. If you wanna tweak it for PvP I recommend beefing the faith stat up a bit to be able to use stronger miracles such as the sunlight blade. I was looking around the web for forums and threads that talk about some of this stuff and I admit to taking some of the ideas about the lore and equipment from some other sources (mostly because I found a lot of ideas).

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