Grim Reaper Build
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icon level icon vitality icon attunement icon endurance icon vitality
    23 25 30
strength dark souls icon dexterity icon intelligence icon faith icon resistance
16 54 10 8 12

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Grim Reaper Build
  • Build Level:
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stats:
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

Alright is your This far, so all thats left to do is give you guys a few pointers and soon youll be off reaping the souls(Literally >:D)of your foes. So first addressing the issue of The Signature weapon of this build, The Scythe. Now you have two choices, the +15 Great Scythe or the Lifehunt Scythe. If you ignored my warning and are a Dark Souls rookie, DONT TOUCH THE LIFEHUNT SCYTHE. Only players who know what their doing should use his weapon due to its nasty secret, because yes it DOES make you bleed and if your not careful it WILL KILL YOU!!!! Next is GETTING your first Scythe, witch is the Great Scythe and that is Found in The Catacombs, above lever to the second closed door. The entrance is accessed by jumping off the second spiked rotating bridge. I already explained the general location of the armor, if you need help, this is a WIKI so it shouldn't be hard to find the rest. Finally your Pyromancy. The reason i chose Pyromancy was because he is Death, and Death is WAY to badass to not have something in his bag of tricks so i chose the chaos Pyromancy to symbolize the "Fires of Hell" pretty sweet huh? Two of the three Pyromancys your going to need are gotten via Chaos servant covenant. Chaos Fireball from joining, Chaos Fire Storm after giving 30 humanity(hey look on the bright side, you get to save the sunbro >:D)then the Chaos Fire Whip is located in a chest in Lost Izalith(i forget exactly where but its I'm sure there's a video on youtube or something you could use.) One Problem would be the Dark Hand wich will be your only shield and is a VERY rare drop from Darkwraiths(no i mean the monster....NPC.......Thing that wants u dead)OR you could join the darkwraiths(kill the four kings in New Londo Ruins before placing the lordvessal) and get it that way, either way it wont be easy but its your ONLY shield. REMEMBER your final covenant needs to be Servant of Chaos so you can upgrade your Pyromancy Flame to +15 then make it the Upgraded Flame.



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    • Anonymous

      Tried this build for my first playthrough (as I enjoy the roleplay aspect of the game very much) and loving it <3 The Great Scythe took some getting used to, but I love its moveset and looks.
      Pyromancies and some upgrades to both scythe and pyromancy flame have carried me splendidly through the first few areas and I am still loving the build.

      I am used to play without shield, so I'm not to worried about the Dark Hand (for now xD) and the pyromancies are just switched and mixed to my taste.

      Lovely build <3

      Thank you.

      • Anonymous

        I did a build similar to this for my second run ever through the game. From personal experience, the Great Scythe is the way to go, hands down. Once you hit the point where you're getting S scaling from DEX, it feels downright broken. It out-damages the Zweihander, in terms of DPS (assuming continuous R1 mash), and the moveset is what really makes it shine. The R2 is nearly identical to the Longsword's, except that it not only dead-angles, but has 3 times the range.

        Adjustments I'd make to this build aren't so much in terms of stats (really, just dump everything in DEX, what is necessary in Attunement and STR, and enough VIT and END that you're comfortable with). As far as Pyromancies go, I had a ton of fun using Toxic Mist, Chaos Fire Whip, and Power Within. The rings I used were FAP and the Ring of Fog. Fog ring makes a lot of sense here, because you look ghostly, and it makes it easier to sneak up on people. Use Toxic Mist to obscure the area and choose an angle of attack, throw out the R2 and more often than not you'll smack people for a huge chunk of damage from a direction they didn't expect. You can really play around with this, it's a diverse build and good no matter how you choose to do it, because the Great Scythe just carries you. Switch up the rings and Pyromancies as you prefer.

        • Anonymous

          I know I'm late but after doing another run with this build I found that 25 endurance left me mid-rolling with the lifehunt scythe and bloodbite ring. Obviously this makes the wood grain ring pointless and impossible to also use the bow. I would advice taking some points out of hp and leveling the endurance to at least 30. Still one of my favorite builds though.

          • Anonymous

            But I do think that the end covenant should be the Darkwraiths because that means stealing their soul [humanity] and bringing it to the devil [Kaathe].

            • Anonymous

              I'm making a similar bulid, however it is based on luck, I'm using a Great Corvian Scythe infused with poison gem, with the highest stat luck and the second highest dex. It deals ridiculous amount of damage!

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