Updated Rank Name Soul Level Description Invade/Team Main Stat Weapon(s)
- 0 Whipsinger - First build in Dark Souls English created and posted Team Intelligence Whip
- 5 Wolverine 70 Tanked dual claws build for upclose,fast paced fighting. Invade Vitality Claws
- 7 Support Priest 85 Team heal or self heal priest with demon's great axe, heavy damage - faith - demon's great axe Team Faith Demon's Great Axe
- 7 Archer 73 Dual Bow with rapier for luring in to backstab Team Dexterity Dragonslayer greatbow, Black Bow of Pharis, Rapier
3/2 10 Wolverine 2.0 49 Upgraded Version of Wolverine Invade Vitality Claws
- 9 The Janitor 60 Range/Melee build good for invading or support Team Faith Washing Pole, Darkmoon Bow, Parrying Dagger
2/29 8 Street Fighter 75 Upclose tank buffed up for max damage Invade Strength Dragon Bone Fist
2/26   One Hit One Kill : 1H1K 44 Self Explanitory for one hitting hopefully Invade Strength Demon's Great Axe
2/24 6 Sniper 30 Hidden forest hunter sniper built for staying undetected/ shooting the enemy until they RQ Both Dexterity Black Bow of Pharis
2/22 7 Slave Driver 36 Whip other players into shape! Both Vitality Notched Whip
2/29 10 Hell's Swordsman 70 This was my first weapon I used for PVP it is the best greatsword in the game once you connect the first hit it brings atleast another 2 hits along which should kill. - best build can not be handled by anyone. Both Vitality Zweihander
3/20   Heracles 71 Imitation of Greek hero/god heracles. Both Vitatlity Great Club
9/13 8 Samurai 85 or 120 Looks like a samurai o.o but with a handy bow. Both Vitality Uchigatana, Avelyn


System Player Name <- Click their name to see build Soul Level
Xbox KingReaper257 124
Xbox HogBack74 83

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