ImSoSoBape ~PS3

First build created for Dark souls :] I dont recommend using it, now that there is new info out I can tell you first hand you will get owned. But the magic damage is OP!






  • Enchanted Whip +5 E/E/B/- 144 +3 Physical 148 Magic
  • Dragon Crest Shield/Crest Shield
  • Tin Crystal Banishment Catalyst
  • Drake Sword for early play (later replace with) Lightning Staff (later replace with) Quelaag's Fury Sword


  • Wanderer (replace with) Dingy (replace with)Gold Hemmed
  • Stone Knight for tanking up
  • Dark for resistances


  • Havel's for Tanking
  • Evil Eye
  • Bellowing Dragoncrest
  • Ring of Steel Protection
  • Fog Ring (to fight the pussies who use it)

Suggested Spells

  • Aural Decoy
  • Great Soul Arrow
  • Great Heavy Soul Arrow
  • Homing Crystal Soulmass
  • Crystal Soul Spear


  • Vitality 25-35
  • Endurance 23 MAX
  • Strength 12 MAX
  • Dexterity 14 MAX
  • Resistance 12 MAX
  • Intelligence unsure. 44atm
  • Faith 8 MAX


  • Start game run around at firelink collecting all items around including the graveyard
  • Make your way to the first bonfire, then merchant and purchase a bow and 50 arrows and Residence Key
  • Use whatever souls you have left to level up save Intelligence and Attunement for later
  • Kill Tarus demon 1-1 or drop attack 4-5 times
  • Procede to the second bonfire go under the bridge and shoot the dragon's tail until you recieve the Drake Sword
  • Go back to the dragon and at the top of the stairs shoot the dragon ONE time then run as soon as the arrow goes be sure to go to the room on the right when you make it under the dragon because it will blow fire in there.
  • Save at the bonfire and open the gate procede to Gargoyles
  • Don't kill the gold knight if you want the Dingy Robes
  • * necessary
  • Kill gargoyles
  • Kill Butterfly demon* to get the key to go down to the assassins in Lower Undead Burg
  • Save Griggs of Vinheim from the house in Lower Undead Burg
  • Kill Havel* for his ring
  • Kill Hydra* to get to Dusk of Oolacile in the back, kill her go back to the shore of the lake and summon her buy the catalyst for 1000 souls
  • Go back to Firelink Shrine go downstairs pick up Dingy Robes and also Purchase spells
  • Kill Capra* for entrance to depths retrieve Evil Eye ring
  • Enter Blight Town through the front or back procede to the whip, pick up the green titanite by the hidden twin humanities [guarded by two slugs]
  • Kill Quelag* create her sword from a +10 CURVED sword such as starting scimitar
  • Kill or run past* Ceaseless Discharge for Gold Hemmed
  • From Blight Town to go New Londo downstairs to blacksmith, +5 Whip +0 Magic Whip
  • Now to Sens Fortress proceed to the top, get the Lightning spear, use it to kill everything in this level from here on Drake Sword is useless.
  • Be sure to save Big Hat Logan from the cages for Homing Crystal Soulmass and other spells.
  • Get to the top go to the Merchant across the broken section Purchase enough green titanite shards until you have 10 i believe you should not need to buy all 10.
  • Kill the stone thrower at the to by using Aural Decoy then stabbing him or spamming Great Heavy Soul Arrow, then go back to the bonfire.
  • Kill the Iron Golem by tanking up on armour and using magic with atleast 23int and Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring he should die before you run out of casts.
  • Kill Great Wolf Sif* - idk i teamed up
  • Kill Four Kings* - Tank up spam melee up close as possible
  • Run through Duke Archive go up the stairs turn left and go straight, kill the passage blocker, run down the stairs to the bonfire straight ahead.
  • Now go to the room in the back pull the lever go down that path and down that ladder and farm BLUE TITANITE CHUNKS with the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring they drop every once and a while and getting 10 shouldnt take too long, Now you can +4Enchant your whip :)
  • Now go into the caves and get the Blue Slab now +5 it :]
  • ---------------- MORE SOON

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