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This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Hand-Of-God
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Soul Level: 85
  • Starting Class: Pyromancer Or Priest
  • Build Main Stats:
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment



Weapon Description
(R1) +10 Divine Zweihander This Weapon should be used as soon as it can be obtained, it Deals massive Damage, has a knockback/stunlock effect, and will Damage most enemies through their armour due to the fact that very few mobs have Faith resistance.
Note: This weapon is terribly ineffective in the Duke's archives, bring along either Fire arrows or a Fire Longsword when you get to that point.
(R2) +15 Pyromancy Flame
+5 Ascended
This will be you're weapon of choice in early levels, be sure to level it up as quickly as possible and to use it to it's fullest effect
(L1) Balder Sheild +15


Wooden Shield +15
One of the Best Mid-Game shields, if not best shields overall, 100% phys damage reduction, great stability, and just the right weight. You're gaurd will almost never break and your enemies will tire quickly.

It may look like a joke to some people, but at 1.5 weight and 91% physical damage reduction, it is one of the best early sheilds in the game. When upgraded fully it stands with the best of them. IT has good Gaurd break despite being a wooden sheild.
(L2) +10 Divine Composite Bow


Ivory Talisman
Another Damage Dealing Monster, couple this with Fire arrows and you've got yourself a short range bow that hits like a Train. Best used in conjunction with Pyromancies, as the range is about the same. You can switch this out for you're Talisman of choice when battling bosses.

The Ivory Talisman is an excellent Talisman that Scales very highly with you're Faith. Use it often.


Item Description
Paladin Helmet +5 Excellent Defense and Poise make this a great Helmet.
Paladin Armor +5 Although it weighs as much as a small car, this armor when fully upgraded will have you shrugging off multiple Blows without complaint.
Paladin Gauntlets +5 OR Xanthous gloves +5 A Bit heavy for the defense they give, If you find yourself overburdened, upgrade the Xanthous gloves instead.
Paladin Leggings +5 OR Xanthous Leggings +5 A Bit heavy for the defense they give, If you find yourself overburdened, upgrade the Xanthous leggings instead.
Havel's Ring Backstab Havel into Oblivion until you get this ring. It is the single most important item you will ever find when making this build. Without it, you'll be slow, cumbersome, and vulnerable.
Ring of the suns Firstborn This ring will increase the length of Miracles by 20%. Not required but reccomended
Wolf Ring This ring will add additional 50 poise to your armor, use this if you're invaded
Hawk Ring Increases you're bow Range By 50, excellent if you plan on using the Divine composite bow.

Magic, Miracles and Pyromancies

Name Type (Magic, Miracle or Pyromancy)
Heal An absolute must for this build. The high defense will keep you alive for a while, but the low HP will eventually take it's toll.
Lightning Spear A Nasty Spell with Great Range. Can be replaced with whatever you wish once you get high enough faith to use Great Lightning Spear.
Not Reccomended against the 4 Kings
Great Fireball
Fire Tempest
This will Be you're main Damage-Dealing weapon against bosses such as Nito, Sif, and Others that do not have any predisposed resistances to fire.
At +5 ascended this spell will put almost every enemy to bed with a Single Cast, best used Against Bosses like Sif, Nito, and Smough/Ornstein

Great Lightning Spear You're probably wondering why anyone would equip both Lightning Spear AND Great Lightning spear at the same time. It's because they don't have a huge difference in Damage by the time you get to 50 faith, only 100 or so. Having a total of 20 charges between them means you will be a walking wall of lightning.
Not Reccomended Against the 4 Kings.


Build Strategy


-Can use High Level Miracles, As well as Pyromancies 

-does a Great Deal of Damage with all weapons 

- Ability to wear heavy Armour 

- High poise/Defense 

-Main Weapon will stunlock Every Enemy and boss with the exception of the Four Kings 

-High Guard with Shield. 


-Not a good Pvp build 

- Very low health 

-Main weapon needs to be switched during Dukes Archives 


-On NG+ you can obtain the Great sunlight spear, which coupled with your great armor will make you an indomitable god against most mobs and bosses. 

-there are many points left over before you reach level 120+. Keep in mind this build was designed around the principle of finding the absolute bare minimum stats/ Weapons Required to kill most Mobs in a couple of hits. Feel free to experiment how you wish. 

-Obtain the Zweihander and Begin leveling your Strength as fast as you can 

-Use Divine Composite bow against regular Mobs 

-Use Ivory Talisman when Facing bosses if you so desire. 

-You will Get The full advantages of this build by the time you reach The Duke's Archives. 

-You're Slow Weapon will leave you at a disadvantage during PVP, keep your shield up and wait for your opponent to tire themselves out. 

-Be sure to Kill Paladin Leeroy's Black Phantom on you're way to Nito, as he needs to be killed for his Armor to drop 

-there is plenty of room to experiment with what Miracles/Pyromancies, and it is encouraged. 


HP Stamina Equip Load Poise
719 121 36.4/80.0 40



Stat Starting Value Ending Value
Vitality 10 17
Attunement 12 16
Endurance 11 25
Strength 12 24
Dexterity 9 14
Resistance 12 ...
Intelligence 10 ...
Faith 8 50
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