This is a build for the dragon covenant and never uses armor so most of your protection will be in the form of rings, ex: you are going to fight ornstein and you know he does lightning damage so you equip a thunder stoneplate ring. the success of this build is entirely dependant on your ability to judge what kind of defence you will need at any given time.
Vit: 40
Att: 14-16
End: 40
Str: depends on what weapon you choose
Dex: depends on what weapon you choose
Res: 15 (yes i know most people leave this at base but remember, you dont have any armor)
Int: no higher than 25
Ft: no higher than 25
  • tiny beings ring
  • cloranthy ring
  • ring of steel protection
  • spell stoneplate ring
  • flame stoneplate ring
  • thunder stoneplate ring
  • speckled stoneplate ring
  • poisionbute ring
  • ‍cursebite ring
  • red tearstone ring
  • blue tearstone ring
  • leo ring
  • wolf ring
  • hawk ring
  • hornet ring
  • dark wood grain ring
  • covetous gold serpent ring
  • covetous silver serpent ring
  • orange charred ring
  • slumbering dragoncrest ring
  • ring of fog
  • ring of the evil eye

this is entirely up to you
whatever you think you want to use
this is where things get difficult, nothing but the dragon head stone and torso stone
ive also found it useful to keep a fairly good set of armor with as high magic, fire, and lightning resist as possible. some enemies deal loads of magic damage and if you arent able to dodge for whatever reason then high magic resist should help.
you need to be able to navigate your rings extremely quickly, as soon as you are invaded you need to see them attack and find out what kinds of damage you will be dealing with, flee and equip proper rings. all before they can catch you so practice randomly switching rings in combat. DONT just do this to show off or somthing. your rings are your life and keep the best equipped at all times. dont bother to switch rings for every attack, you will mess up eventualy and get hit, if they do all kinds of damage just equip steel protection and speckled and its the equivilant of light-medium armor.
you have 4 major advantages with this build
  1. you are extremely light and hard to hit, make sure you remeber this. just because you have a ring to increace physical defence dosent mean your a tank so you still should try to dodge whenever possible. this also means you dont have to sacrifice based on weapon weight, you dont have massive armor taking up all your load so you can use the super heavy weapons and shields while still being fast.
  2. you are somthing most people will not know how to deal with, they will see you and be confused. take advantage and dont let them figure out how your build works. always have a trick up your sleeve. ex: attack with melee and when they dont expect it hit them with a soul spear or emit force.
  3. you can change attack styles easily, most people say balanced builds are ineffective but being able to switch tactics quickly is entirely worth not being a perfect tank or mage or whatever
  4. you are a dragon, use the torso stone then smash them with a powerfull attack, you auto stagger and drain their stamina. if you hit hard then get off one or 2 hits like this roll away and wait for stamina to recharge and repeat, theres not much anyone can do against the torso stone blast thing (in my experience it has always staggerd people even in full havels but i could be wrong)
generaly when playing the game you will want to have speckeled stoneplate ring on, it has good overall defence for elemental and your shield hopefuly can handle the rest (i use silver knight or black knight shield so i get awesome defence and still can parry, im testing iron round shield now, ive heard good things about it. apparently it can block heavy attacks easily) the other ring slot depends on where you are and somtimes you will want to switch out speckeled for somthing else. ex: blighttown swamps you want rusted iron ring and poisonbite ring so you can move freely and not worry about poison. farming basilisks you want covetous gold ring and cursebite (farming basilisks is always a good idea for eyes of death, frampt takes them for 500 souls each and with 10 humanity and gold serpent ring you can get a bunch really quickly, i farmed them for about 4 hours total and got a massive amount of souls that launched me from lvl 25 to 60.) in order for the rings to be effective you need to know what to expect from the enemies you know you are facing so make sure to read up about wherever you intend to go on this wiki.
theres a reason you have slumbering dragoncrest and ring of fog, equip them both at the same time and enemies have no idea where you are. it is only usefull in pve but i managed to backstab every npc in dukes archives with this combo and turned most of the challanging enemies into one big joke.
ok i know that every time i see a rules section on a build i think that they are stupid and that i will break them anyway (no im not a wog spammer but i use it every once and a while) the rules are generaly things that are EXTREMELY cheap and whenever somone does this i want to destroy them.
  1. dont backstab while they bow, its not cool and dosent prove anything
  2. dont spam wog or twop
  3. if they bow bow back
  4. REMAIN IN THE DRAGON COVENANT, i hate people who join one cov, get all benifits and then leave, darkwraiths with lightning spear or dragon form just make me mad
  5. OPTIONAL: bow first and right after you bow send off a wog to show them that you could easily destroy them, this tends to keep them from being cheap. dont use wog unless they do somthing cheap and if somone else spams wog immediately use your torso stone, 2 hand your weapon, equip cloranthy ring (yes i expect people to be able to switch rings in under the amount of time they are staggered for) and go to town, use the additional stamina regen to keep them stunlocked with the torso stone and give them a peice of your mind (i do this a lot whenever i see somone being cheap and it works 75% of the time, as long as i can get the first stun in it becomes 95% of the time)
  6. dont flip out when you lose, indict only if you think they fought fairly. NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER indict a twink, they are lowlifes. my personal opinion of the low lvl darkwraiths is that they are so scared to have a real fight they want to fight low levels so they feel better about themselves.
  7. if you see another person with this build you should bow, wave then black crystal if you invaded them. avoid killing them at all costs.

this is not like a group or anything but with this build there are easy ways to determine who has more talent and experience with this build, when you encounter somone with this build you will notice small times when they stop moving and visible effects like those from cloranthy and wolf rings appear and dissapear. the shorter these pauses are the more experienced they are with the most important part of this build so if you co-op with another dragon build and they are faster at switching rings than you try to follow their lead unless they tell you to take the lead, this does not mean that you do whatever they tell you to, its more of a respect your elders type of thing to avoid arguments.

this is pretty much all i can think of right now, suggestions are welcome as well as feedback. i run this build on my main character so it will constantly be changing based on what i find to be more effective.
PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS, the lack of them is making me sad. if you hate it say somthing. right now i have no idea if anyone else likes this or uses this build.
Developed by Masamune30

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