DEX Pyrosword
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icon level icon vitality icon attunement icon endurance icon vitality
    23 30 66
strength dark souls icon dexterity icon intelligence icon faith icon resistance
14 45 10 8 12

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: DEX Pyrosword
  • Build Level: 125
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stats: Dexterity / Attunement
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

7 Slot Version
VIT: 61 (59)
ATT: 28
END: 30
STR: 14 (16)
DEX: 45
RES: 12 (Default)
INT: 10 (Default)
FTH: 8 (Default)
Spellset 1: 2X Great Fireball, Great Chaos Fireball, Great Combustion, Fire Surge, Fire Tempest
Spellset 2: Great Fireball, Great Chaos Fireball, Great Combustion, Fire Surge, Chaos Storm

8 Slot Version #1
VIT: 55 (53)
ATT: 34
END: 30
STR: 14(16)
DEX: 45
RES: 12 (Default)
INT: 10 (Default)
FTH: 8 (Default)
Spellset 1: 2X Great Fireball, Great Chaos Fireball, Great Combustion, Fire Surge, Chaos Storm
Spellset 2: 2X Great Fireball, Great Chaos Fireball, 2X Great Combustion, Fire Surge, Fire Tempest

8 Slot Version #2
VIT: 50
ATT: 34
END: 30
STR: 14
DEX: 45
RES: 12 (Default)
INT: 15
FTH: 8 (Default)
Spellset 1: Chameleon/Great Magic Weapon/Hidden Weapon, Great Fireball, Great Chaos Fireball, Great Combustion, Fire Surge, Chaos Storm
Spellset 2: Chameleon/Great Magic Weapon/Hidden Weapon, 2X Great Fireball, Great Chaos Fireball, Great Combustion, Fire Surge, Fire Tempest
Note: I came up with this idea because Chameleon to Pyro could catch a lot of people off guard. This is kind of a tricky style to play. I personally do not like Great Magic Weapon and prefer Gold Pine Resin instead, but it is available just in case. Hidden Weapon could be a lot of fun when using a Spear or Great Scythe xD. If you are not using Chameleon and choose a weapon buff, swap out Oolacile Catalyst with a shield in your LH2 slot after you buff.

How to play this build:
Start off by buffing your weapon in Charcoal Resin. Play melee like you normally would with a regular DEX toon. Try to lure your opponent into your attack range, then unlock, cast a Great Chaos Fireball aiming at the ground at the spot where you think your opponent will move into. The splash damage and lava spew afterwards both have a good chance of hitting. If you are fortunate enough to score hits on both effects, it wil do 800-1000 damage and stun your opponent. If you can stun your opponent with this, follow this up with a Great Combustion. This combo will leave your opponent on the ropes. Great Fireball is there for backup if you run out of Great Chaos Fireballs. Unlocked casting at the ground can still do splash damage.

You could also try ranging techniques with your pyros (Try casting a Great Fireball locked on to lure you opponent into you, then be quick and cast an unlocked Great Chaos Fireball at the ground and/or Great Combustion). Make sure you keep proper spacing when using this technique or you will put yourself at risk of being BS'ed.

If you score a BS, immediately follow that up with an unlocked Great Chaos Fireball at the ground where your opponent is. If that hits, follow that up with Great Combustion, this combo is almost a guaranteed kill. If you really want to get nasty, follow the BS with Fire Tempest (very tough for your opponent to escape when you got maxed out casting speed). The Fire Tempest is a risky tactic because you may put yourself at risk of being Counter-BS'ed but if it lands, game over.

If you spawn in a Jumper's world, cast Fire Tempest immediately. It should do most of the work for you. Cast Lloyds Talisman at the host so he cannot heal himself or his jumper buddies, you only have some chipshots left to deliver to finish him off.

Last but not least, Fire Surge is the closer. If your opponent has only a slither of hp left, Fire Surge is an excellent tool to finish him off.

Build Pros:
1. High Vitality (Especially with Mom's Mask)
2. Does not rely on buffs, but consumbale buffs are available for your use
3. Constantly keeps your opponents on the go and moving
4. Very effective against Turtles with bleed inflicting weapons, pyros, and shotel

Build Cons:
1. Less melee damage than the traditional buffable counterparts (do not trade hits with any of these!)

PSN: Nut-Hand

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