Shadow Thief

  • The high critical rate the Thief enjoys is a very nice advantage, especially when combined with the speed of their Dagger attacks. They aren't build very solidly, however, with low Vitality, Strength and Endurance stats making them a weak target and also reducing their weapons choices. The Dagger is capable of dealing with most enemies perfectly well, and compliments the Thief's speed and evasive style. They also come with the Master Key by default, which allows them to select a different Gift and access many locked doors much easier than the other Classes could.
    • NOTE: Before choosing to play this class-style, I recommend going over the notes below which will explain how you're going to be fighting, (and dying), in the world of Dark Souls.


    • If you have any questions regarding this class, write me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.


  • 12/24/12: I'm going to re-run this class again so I can level my stats up accordingly. Generally, this will be an end-level class of SL-80. (I'm going to Europe for three months in February so I won't have access to my Xbox. However, I should be able to finish this guide minus the "How-To's" for the bossfights.)

Way of the Shadow Thief

  • The key part of playing a class-style like the Shadow Thief, is being able to evade and counter effectively. If you can't perfect evading, then this isn't the class-style for you. Don't be discouraged though if at first you're having trouble evading in the beginning of the game, in fact, this is the most important part. I guarantee you will be hit, (and killed), many times wandering around the Undead Burg, but like I said earlier, don't be discouraged. This is the time you should be figuring out how to effectively evade and counter enemies.
  • The stratagey I use to defeat the many different types of enemies in Dark Souls can be broken down into steps:
    • Step 1: Observe your enemy.
      • Each enemy in Dark Souls has it's own unique set of combat moves. In order to successfully evade and counter you must first know how your enemy fights. Generally, each enemy has about 3-6 different attacks. You'll notice they usually favor a certain move over others, so once you've determined that move, this is the one you'll want to counter.
    • Step 2: Countering the enemy.
      • Counter, or Riposte, is by far the deadliest weapon of the Shadow Thief. Counters can only be performed when a shield is equipped. You can perform a Counter by pressing LT/L2 right before an enemy hits you and following up with an attack using the RB/R1 button to stab the enemy in the chest dealing heavy critical damage. This is the hardest part about playing as a Shadow Thief. It will most likely take many attempts with each enemy until you can figure out the perfect time to execute a counter.
        • NOTE: Not all enemies can be Countered. Generally as a rule of thumb, enemies that are twice your size cannot be Countered.
    • Step 3: Finishing off the enemy.
      • After a successful counter has been initiated, you'll kick the enemy down to the ground. This is the perfect time to set yourself up for a Backstab. You can perform a Backstab by positioning yourself behind an enemy, and pressing the RB/R1 button. This will thrust/slash your weapon into the back of the enemy, dealing out critical damage. Although the Backstab is a powerful attack, it's not as powerful as the Counter.
        • NOTE: Not all enemies can be Backstabbed. Generally as a rule of thumb, enemies that are twice your size cannot be Backstabbed.



Always hold on to the Bandit's Knife, and try to keep it upgraded as you go. It's a very good weapon when it comes to Backstabbing/Countering. Even though I'm not going to list it as your equipment, it's just going to be automatically assumed that you'll have it equipped when Backstabbing/Countering.

Level Head Torso Hands Legs Ring 1 Ring 2
5 Thief Mask Black Leather Armor Black Leather Gloves Black Leather Boots N/A N/A
10 Thief Mask Black Leather Armor Black Leather Gloves Black Leather Boots Blue Tearstone Ring N/A
20 Shadow Mask Shadow Garb Shadow Gauntlets Shadow Leggings Blue Tearstone Ring Rusted Iron Ring
30 Shadow Mask +5 Shadow Garb +5 Shadow Gauntlets +5 Shadow Leggings +5 Havel's Ring Dark Wood Grain Ring
40 Shadow Mask +5 Shadow Garb +5 Shadow Gauntlets +5 Shadow Leggings +5    


Level Right Hand 1 Right Hand 2 Left Hand 1 Left Hand 2 Quick Inventory
5 Bandit's Knife N/A Target Shield N/A Firebomb, Black Firebomb, Throwing Knife
10 Spear Short Bow Buckler Light Crossbow Firebomb, Black Firebomb, Throwing Knife
20 Iaito Short Bow +5 Buckler +5 Light Crossbow +5 Firebomb, Black Firebomb, Throwing Knife, Purple Moss, Blooming Purple Moss
30 Iaito +5 Short Bow +5 Buckler +10 Light Crossbow +5 Firebomb, Black Firebomb, Throwing Knife, Purple Moss, Blooming Purple Moss
40 Iaito +10 Black Bow of Pharis Buckler +10 Light Crossbow +10 Black Firebomb, Poison Throwing Knife, Purple Moss, Blooming Purple Moss




Level Vitality Attunement Endurance Strength Dexterity Resistance Intelligence Faith
5 9 11 9 9 15 10 12 11
10 10 11 10 9 18 10 12 11
20 10 12 12 13 20 10 12 12
30 20 12 20 15 22 10 12 12


Boss Fights


Name Location HP Souls Respawn
Taurus Demon Undead Burg - Upper Section 1215 1000 No
  • Although this boss can inflict a lot of damage, it has quite low HP and most of its attacks are easy to see coming and avoid. Add to this the fact that you can also use the environment to your advantage, it can actually be quite a simple battle.

  • The easiest way to take down the Taurus Demon, is by climbing the tower by using the ladder to the right once you pass through the Fog. Before starting the boss fight, you'll want to climb this tower and take out the two Skeletal Crossbowman at the top. Be careful though, one of them will usually be standing at the top of the lander, waiting to hit you. So once you get to the top, quickly roll as to avoid getting hit and falling off. Once you've dispatched of the two Crossbowman, head back down the ladder and follow the path. Once you're nearly to the tower, the Taurus Demon will jump down. This is a good time to try and throw one or two Firebombs at him. Quickly run back to the tower with the Crossbowman and climb the ladder up, wait for the Demon to come to the base of the tower and jump off holding RB/R1 to do a Plunging Attack. Don't wait too long at the top of the tower though, the Demon does have the ability to jump up. If this happens, quickly roll off and lure him away so you can come back and perform another Plunging Attack. If you're not comfortable using the Plunging Attacks, a few Black Firebombs will dispatch of him quickly. Just make sure to only throw one at a time, his attacks have fairly good range and will take you down in one or two blows.


Name Location HP Souls Respawn
Bell Gargoyle Undead Parish - Interior 1506 1000 No
  • This battle takes place on a roof, so you must keep away from the edges at all times to avoid beings knocked off the building. At the beginning of the fight, aim all of your attacks on its tail to slice it off and gain the Gargoyle Axe. Once the Bell Gargoyle gets to 50% HP, another Bell Gargoyle will appear. Don't worry though, this one starts at 50% HP.

  • This can be a rough fight, especially if you attempt it as soon as you get to the church. The Bell Gargoyles are weak to Magic damage, so hopefully you picked of the Gold Pine Resin earlier in the game as this makes the fight much easier. Your first goal should be to cut the tail off of the first Gargoyle. This eliminates the Tail Whip and Flying Tail Whip attack. Most of the Bell Gargoyles attacks are easy to predict and have semi-long recovery times making it easy to get a few hits in without having to worry about another attack. It gets a bit tricky once the second Gargoyle comes into play. This one, (which is un-armored), tends to spam the Flame Breath attack. Since this attack takes awhile to execute and has a slow recover, it gives you time to focus on the armored Gargoyle. The best chance of you winning this fight, is taking out the armored Gargoyle as soon as you can. I'd save any Pine Resin/Firebombs for the second half of the fight when both Gargoyles are attacking you since the first half is fairly easy. Once the armored Gargoyle is dead, it's just a matter of beating down the un-armored one until he too dies. Just remember to stay away from the edges of the roof, it's very easy to accidentally evade off and fall to your untimely death.

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