dark souls pve based on big weapons
this build is made so you beat the high new +
  1. start a bandit and beat the first level and get to lordran
  2. when you pick up the zweihander and set all ur first levels in str until you hit 24 you also wanna get ur dex up 14 so you can wield ur zweihander after that you focus on str vitality and end
  3. you wanna beat Taurus demon and when you wanna farm souls from the red dragon so that can upgrade ur zweihander to +5 when you come to black smith
  4. when you keep until the depths where you pick the large ember
  5. when go on to blighttown where you wanna farm large titanite shards so that you can upgrade your zweihander to +10
  6. when you hit anor londo you go the giant black smith and upgrade your zweihander to lightning (that deals a lot of dmg)
  7. when kill after you kill the in anor londo you use the souls on level up and all the levels goes in str at that point you need to have about 36 str
  8. when you go to demon ruins and farm Taurus demons until you have a demons great hammer that you wanna upgrade to +15 while all ur levels goes in str until you hit 46
  9. from that point on you use a demons great axe +15
  10. rings you wanna use ring of divine and favor protection and dark wood gain ring
  11. you need armor that gives a poise over 20 and a shield with over 50 stability
  12. from that point of your ready to beat playthrough 20 and set all your points in str vitality and end
  13. the end

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