Hey guys! Bleed4 here, willing to show you a successful Pvp build, discovered while on my travels through the Darkroot Garden.

Have you ever been on your way to kill Sif with your friends when suddenly the invaders just wont stop coming? With this build you will have them running for their lives in fear at the thought of invading you're world.

Covenant : level 2 Darkwraith





Equip Load






With 1,034 hit points you will be able to take some punishment! (Please note that due to nerfing your poise will be low, so dodging will help with this build).



Total Damage ( Physical / Magic / Fire / Lightning )

Lightning Shotel +5

410 ( 205 / 0 / 0 / 205 )

Fire WashingPole +10

432 ( 216 / 0 / 216 / 0 )


The fire WashingPole should by far be you're main weapon of choice! when wielded with two hands it will be extremely deadly, Specially with a back-stab. The lightning Shotel is mainly used for shield turtles and should be you're weapon that takes the poor fool out when he thinks his shield is a scapegoat.


Head : Sunlight Maggot ( This gives the Sunlight Samurai his look. Note this headpiece is optional, any low weight headpiece will do).

Chest : Brass Chest +5

Hands : Shadow Hands +5

Legs : Shadow Legs +5

Shield : Grass Crest Shield ( +5 is optional).

The chest, hands, and legs were all picked to give the samurai his look, while at the same time trying to use the least amount of weight possible!


Ringslot 1 : Dark Wood Grain Ring (This will increase your dodge capability which is crucial to my build).

Ringslot 2 : Havel's Ring ( This ring is crucial to the build, without it you wont be able to Ninja roll).


This is a pvp build that should help you in the D arkroot Garden, you will need 20,000 souls to be able to buy the Crest of Artorias from Blacksmith Andrei. I personally like to wait for people to invade me and wait for them to fall into an elaborate trap, But if you've already killed sif you can still invade players who haven't. Get the Red Eye Orb by giving 10 humanity to the Darkwraith Covenant.

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