Soul level: Minimum of SL147, however, the more you level up, the better the build will be
At SL 150+ it is very common to PVP, mostly at the undead burg and the undead parish. If you find difficulty with invading, you can be human and host to have constant invasions.
This build is focused on the (True) Greatsword of Artorias version. This version of the sword scales C with STR and DEX and B with INT and FAITH.
Starting class: pyromancer
Gift: Any, but master key is recomended to create the build faster
Stats for SL 147:
VIT 40  
ATT 14  
END 40  
STR 24  
DEX 18  
RES 12  
INT 32  
FAITH 50  

At this point, The Greatsword of Artorias will begin to do more damage then other weapons builds at SL 120

I suggest increasing INT from 32 to 50, the final Soul Level will be 165.

With 14 ATT, you have 3 spell slots, useful for great magic barrier, Wrath of Gods, Crystal Homing Soulmass, Crystal Soul Spear etc. Increase if you wish to have a more spell orientated build/style
Armor and rings are up to you, but I suggest using a light armor to roll faster (or use Dark Wood Grain Ring) and the wolf ring or cloranthy ring
24 STR and 18 DEX its also enough to use a good backup weapon, I suggest an occult +5 weapon, since your faith will be 50, and a chaos +5 weapon to use if the opponent is wearing Anti-magic gear. Good Occult weapon examples are Claymore or Painting Guardian Sword, while Claymore and Zweihander are effective as elemental weapons.
Thanks Serious_Much for edits.

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