Holy Dragon Knightess
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
    16 40 32
Strength dexterity Intelligence Faith Resist
16 10 8 99 12

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Holy Dragon Knightess
  • Build Level: 151
  • Build Focus: PvE or PvP
  • Build Main Stats:
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.






  sl 2 sl 26 sl 50 sl 75 sl 100 sl 125 sl 150 sl 151
Vitality 11 14 20 24 26 28 32 32
Attunement 11 12 12 14 14 16 16 16
Endurance 9 12 24 34 36 38 40 40 or 80
Strength 12 16 16 16 16 16 16 16
Dexterity 8 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Resistance 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12
Intelligence 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
Faith 14 25 30 39 60 79 98 99

Note: If you can manage with lower vitality and endurance feel free to put Faith as soon as possible to 99 for better scaling of your Claymore and miracles. If you ever get to above 150 sl put points to vitality and/or endurance, attunement is also an option. 







Start=> Crimson=> Crown of Dusk    

Special Cases:

Big Hat +5 Gold Hemmed Sun Maggot Symbol of Avarice Mask of Child



Start=> Crimson=> Armor of Favor    

Special Cases:

Havel Gold Hemmed      



Start=> Crimson=> Wanderer Manchettes +10=> Havel's Gauntlets (when endurance = 40 + Dark Wood Grain Ring)  

Special Cases:




Start=> Crimson=> Leggings of Favor    

Special Cases:

Havel Gold Hemmed      



Slot 1

Slot 2



Dark Wood Grain Ring
(Waste at 1.06)
Sun's First Born      

Special Cases:

Havel Resistance Ring or
Sun's First Born
<= Depending on need    







Grass Crest Shield +15


OccultClaymore +5 or Divine Claymore +10
(depends on enemy, see upgrades for details)
    Or Sanctus +15


Ivory / Sunlight Talisman <= same stats, acquiring is different  


Large Ember Very Large Ember        
  Divine Ember          
  Dark Ember          





In Order how to get:


Where / How to get

1st Heal Start asCleric
2nd Homeward Buy at Petrus
(Buy stuff from Petrus before joining
Warrior of Sunlight Covenant or you
have to abandon it later and join it again)
Great Heal Excerpt Petrus
(Optional since its Covenant but
a must-have for a good game experience!)
Lightning Spear
Upgrade it always ASAP,
see here for details
Become Warrior of Sunlight
(Depending if you are willing to farm 40k souls)
Karmic Justice Buy at Oswald of Carim
6th Emit Force Follow Siegmeyer Questline
7th Wrath of Gods Buy at Reah after saving her in Catacombs
8th Great Heal Reah
9th Great Magic Barrier Reah
10th Magic Barrier Reah
11th Replenishment Save Reah in Catacombs
12th Sunlight Blade Defeat Dark Sun Gwyndolin and grab it


Build Strategy

Beware, I already noticed that the start is very hard, due to to the lack of damage.
I will update it by myself or with any of your experiences if you send me a message in the wiki here. (Dark Wood Grain Ring is a waste at 1.06 since the ring has been patched, your 30.4 equipment load is over the 80.0 that you get at 40 endurance. You can invest in more endurance but is it a gamble on your vitality and faith scaling, since you need 122.0 equip load and that is a whopping 83 points of endurance folks.)

This build focuses on miracles, good defense and still being able to swing your sword to do some damage. It's very fun to play and I consider it fairly easy to play in PVE and PVP.

Someone might ask themselves why a Holy Dragon Knightess? Well since I experienced a wonderful time in Dark Souls with the "Dragon Knight" Build from kARM0 I thought about to do some sister-like character for his build which depends on Faith and Miracles, so I thought on doing that, especially since in Dark Souls are no really Female Knights, lol.

Of course you still can create a male char, it was just an idea of my own to make a female.

Starting class: Cleric (you won't have really the "money" for any miracle at start, but that comes later, for now you have to depend on your gameplay)
Gift: Which ever you fancy, though before 1.04 you can find all gifts from Lordran but not Master Key.

Update1: I just have slain Capra Demon and noticed that Reah will pretty late sell Miracles. So this build is even harder than expected, so I will try in near future if its better to go full faith at start to get the Lightning Spear from the Sunlight Warrior Covenant.

Update2: The table is now changed for a WAYS BETTER start. Focus on Faith from level 2 to 13 (so it reaches 25)!

Update3: I just finished NG++ This Build works pretty good out if you got the skill to aim properly with the Lightning Spear and if you are kamikaze-willed enough for the Wrath of the Gods later.

The Sunlight Spear may be strong, but only 5 Charges make it hard to play with it properly while also having the Wrath of the Gods.

So I prefer the Greater Lightning Spear which is the medium solution.

For PvP this Build pretty good too because people don't expect to be killed so fast with Wrath of the Gods (around 700 damage per shot when unshielded, around 200-300 when they hold shield upat faith~60-80) usually if you launch 2 Wrath of the Gods the shield guard is broken, and then the final blow kills them.

in NG+no problem since you can have 6 Wrath of the Gods along you and because you can go for Reah pretty much already at the start since you got a Divine Weapon.

Only problems I had with Four Kings, perhaps because of my lack in Melee skill, anyways the other Bosses were pretty easy, inclusive Gwyn since Karmic Justice and Wrath of the Gods are a nice help against him (you will be almost dead when Karmic Justice launches and your guard is broken and such, so you still need luck, but since lightnig spears are useless there is nothing else you really could take along except the manual aim of emit force)

Update4: After NG++ I have a gametime of 26 hours 52 minutes and 45 seconds with a Soul Level of 132

My Advice which Miracles to equip

1st Slot:

  • Lightning Spear (or better version of it if you own)


2nd Slot:

  • Emit Force (replace by Wrath of Gods as soon as you got it, since it has a WAYS faster spellcast, but is close-ranged)


For the 3rd slot you use whatever you need at the moment:

  • Vs. Gwyn for example take Karmic Justice, it will break some combo hits which could kill you and damages him properly, but forget about target miracles (Lightning Spear, Emit Force)

  • For Humanity farming vs. Octopus (Archive Prison) use Homeward

  • Magic Barrier (or Great Magic Barrier if you got) vs. Four Kings / Moonlight Butterfly or whenever you think you have problems with taking Magic Damage

  • Sunlight Blade if you decide to take an enchantable weapon instead of the Divine or Occult Claymore like I prefer

  • Replenishment if you want to regenerate passive HP (good with Symbol of Avarice / Power Within or increasing effect from Sanctus Shield)

  • Heal Spell if you want to save Estus Flasks


  • Creation of Build + adding of Information (30th June 2012)

  • Updated Table for better Start (30th June 2012)

  • Created Advice for Miracle Use, just finished NG with this build (Soul Level 99) [6th July 2012]

  • Added Havel's Gauntlets in Arm Armor (i noticed that 39 weight of 80 is reached, so with the Dark Wood Grain Ring you are still in optimal moving speed)

  • Update 3 + 4 (look at top), end of NG++, Soul Level 132, around 27 hours Gametime (8th July)

  • Update 5 Dark Wood Grain Ring is a waste of time and souls, 1.06 and 30.4 weight kill the purpose of it. [8th June 2015]

Big Thanks to:

  • kARM0 for the original Dragon Knight Build

  • From Software for making Dark Souls

  • This wiki for the possibility to share informations and collect it to help everyone.


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    • my go to build for darksouls was always the dragon knight build that you talked about, and I have attempted to do a faith version myself for the achievements, but I could never get it done properly, and now that I have found that you made one yourself already made me so happy to see this, I cant wait to play it after I finish my current playthrough.

      • Darkmoon Talisman would be better, and all you need to do is spend 10 minutes farming ears from crow demons before you kill Gwyndolin, because if you are willing to waste nearly 49 points of faith for a couple Maj Adjust, the least you could do is get a talisman that is better.

        • Anonymous

          I can't seem to find where it says who created this build, but you are long overdue for a kudos and thanks from me.

          This build has been my go-to favourite for years now, and I'm getting to rediscover my love for it all over again in DSR

          • I'm aware I commented on this build about a year ago, and back then this build interested me but I never got around to trying it out, but I decided I'll try a run with it now. I made some stat changes to fit my preferences and a weapon swap, from the Claymore to the Mace. I plan on running it through the base game and AotA, and see how it functions. a plan I had was if I didn't like the boring mace late game, I could swap it and stats for the grant, which is around 752 AR with the stat changes I made, but after thinking it over, I never really liked Great-Hammers to begin with.I made a Mugenmonkey page that is based on this build in general, with the stat and weapon changes. I put its link in this comment, so if you want you may post it in the build and I'll give feedback as I go. the idea of the build is great, and faith is probably my favorite way to play this game, so thank you for the basis of several of my builds. ;D

            • Anonymous

              Hey, what if I use a silver knight shield instead? I mean, it has better stability, and it's easier to upgrade than sanctus or the grass crest shield...

              • Hm, are there any other weapons that would be just as useful? I personally don't like the attack patterns of the claymore, so I was just wondering, if not, that's okay.

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