PvP Pyromancer

by: Sberky25
This build could prove to be a tricky one, as joining the Darkwaiths forces you to go through difficult-ish areas at relatively low levels.
Also be prepared to recieve a slight bit of hate mail.

Starting Class:

Vitality - 25
Attunement - 20
Endurance - 40
Strength - 16
Dexterity - 12
Resistance - 11
Intelligence - 15
Faith - 12
Total Level - 69

Right Hand 1 - Lighting Halberd +5
Right Hand 2 - Pyromancer Flame +5 (after ascension from Quelana)
Left Hand 1 - Dragon Crest Shield/Crest Shield/Spider Shield
Left Hand 2 - Talisman

Dark Mask
Dark Armor
Dark Gauntlets
Dark Leggings
Will require 30 Humanity to get this armor set.

Ring of Fog - to annoy people and make it easier for you
Hornet Ring - to make those critical hits pretty much one shot them


Iron Flesh - HIGHLY recommended to get ASAP to kill The Four Kings, and most other bosses - spell also helps a LOT in PvP when there are phantoms, or the target is a heavy hitter
Toxic Mist - to whittle down the targets health in PvP
Acid Surge - to reduce the durability of the targets equipment in PvP
Great Combustion
Great Fireball/Chaos Fireball - Great Fireball Recommended because it only takes up 1 attunement slot

PvP Tactics:
Cast Toxic Mist so ther health gradually goes down. Then cast Acid Surge to reduce their durability. Then, there are 3 ways to go:
  • If they keep their distance, throw a couple of firballs at them.
  • If they do not keep their distance but use a small weapon, cast a couple of Great Combustions at them.
  • If they did not keep their distance and they are a heavy hitter, cast Iron Flesh and wail on them with your Lightning Halberd +5.

If they are still alive, which is unlikely if you hit them with your attacks, run through the level a bit and get a few standard enemies on the target, while they are distracted, go for the backstab.

Alternatively, you could just have a standard 1 on 1 melee fight.

If you choose to have the melee fight and they are using a heavy weapon, it is deffinately recommended that you cast Iron Flesh so you take significantly less damage.

Get your Dexterity up to 12, Strength to 16, Intelligence to 15 and Faith to 12 as soon as possible, then get your Vitality to about to 20, then your Endurance to about 20 (all of this while gradually upgrading the Halberd and Pyromancer Flame, and shield if you choose). After you reach this point, focus only on gettin upgrades. When you have the Lightning Halberd +5 and ascended Pyromancer Flame +5, get your Vitality and Endurance up the rest of the levels.
This build and equipment is for PvP only, but you would need to change the spells & rings for effective PvE use, but the skills, weapons and armor are all good !!!

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