Knight of Astora
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icon level icon vitality icon attunement icon endurance icon vitality
    17 40 15
strength dark souls icon dexterity icon intelligence icon faith icon resistance
20 16 10 40 12

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Knight of Astora
  • Build Level:
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Starting Class: Pyromancer or Cleric. I chose the pyromancer because fireball helps a lot at the beginning.
  • Stat Focus: Endurance at the beginning along with faith.
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment




Build Strategy

Lvl 25 stats: 

  1. Vitality: 10(base)
  2. Attunement: 12(base)
  3. Endurance: 20
  4. Strength: 15
  5. Dexterity: 15
  6. Resistance: 12(base)
  7. Intelligence: 10(base)
  8. Faith: 14

Spells: Fireball and Force 

Weapon: Right hand: Astora's straight sword/Pyromancy flame, Left hand: Dragon crest shield/talisman. Once Astora's straight sword starts to lose it's charm, you can move to pretty much any weapon because the stats are high enough to use most weapons. Just make sure to get it to plus five and later make sure to get fire or lightning reinforcement until your faith is high enough to do good damage with a divine weapon. I switched to a +5 claymore just before entering Blighttown. 

Armor: Elite Knight Armor. Keep adding pieces of the set until your equipment load is still under 50% so you don't do the fatty roll. 

At this level, the build does not do a lot of damage because I focused on being able to use most of the weapons; therefore, I am trying to get Strength and Dexterity to 16. I also built up faith early so I could use Astora's straight sword (dragon crest shield also doesn't hurt). After I get Strength and Dexterity to 16, I am going to get Endurance to 25 or 30. The best way to raise stats is to use the money you get from defeating the gaping dragon to buy the crest of artorias and grind souls in the area it unlocks. It also really helps to get attunement to 14 depending on how much you rely of spells and miracles. 

Lvl 50: 

Vitality: 11 
Attunement: 14(could be 16) 
Endurance: 30 
Strength: 16 
Dexterity: 16 
Resistance: 12(base) 
Intelligence: 10(base) 
Faith: 24(get to 25 as soon as possible for warrior of sunlight covenant) 

At this stage, I am just about to enter sen's fortress and am just doing some last minute grinding and weapon upgrading. I betrayed the forest hunter covenant and killed shiva to get the iron round shield(which is invaluable) and the ninja in the wood behind him to get the dark wood grain ring. I joined the warrior of sunlight covenant to get the lightning spear miracle and eventually the great lightning spear miracle. I also upgraded my +5 claymore to a divine claymore to do more damage. Once again, you can choose any weapon you like for this class, depending on your fighting style. The next step is to get a lightning weapon in anor londo or you could just take the lightning spear in sen's fortress dropped my the mimic, until I can do more damage with a divine weapon the a non-reinforced lightning weapon. 

Weapons: Right: Divine Claymore/Pyromancy flame +8. Left: Iron Round shield +6/Talisman. 

Armor: Elite Knight Armor upgraded at various levels 

Rings: Havel's ring(until i get ring of Favor and Protection) and Dark wood grain ring. 

Spells: Lightning Spear, Fire orb, and combustion 

Level 70: 

Vitality: 12 
Attunement: 16(could be 19) 
Endurance: 40(could be lowered depending on fighting style, I like to get up close and personal) 
Strength: 17(I want to be able to eventually use the washing pole) 
Dexterity: 16 
Resistance: 12(base) 
Intelligence: 10(base) 
Faith: 30 

At this stage I am just about to go clear the Tomb of Giants. I also upgraded a shotel to divine plus 4 for pvp and just in case my divine claymore plus 4 fails. I want to enter the Tomb of Giants because I want to be able to obtain the advanced miracles sold by Reah of Thorolund. 


Armor: Elite Knight Set: All +5 

Weapons: Right: Divine Claymore +4/Pyromancy Flame +10 
Left: Iron Round shield +7(could switch out for eagle shield)/Talisman. 

Spells: Great Fireball, Great Combustion, Fire Orb, and Lightning Spear (I was too lazy to get the 10 sunlight medals so I could get great lightning spear), (until I get a light, I am going to use combustion to light everything up a little bit). 

Rings: Ring of Favor and Protection(because of low vitality) and the Dark Wood Grain Ring(otherwise known as the "Flippy Ring." 

Level 87: 

Vitality: 15 
Atunement: 17 (building to 19) 
Endurance: 40 
Strength: 20 
Dexterity: 16 
Resistance: 12 (base) 
Intelligence: 10 (base) 
Faith: 40 

At this stage, I am just finishing final preparations for ng+. Currently I am farming white titanite chunks so I can broaden my options from weapons. When I go into ng+, I am mainly going to focus on pvp and am going to become a darkwraith as soon as I can kill the 4 kings. Holy Darkwraith! Lols. 

Weapons: Right: Divine Sunlight Straight Sword +8/Pyromancy Flame +13 
Left: Iron Round Shield +10(will ascend to +11 before ng+)/Sunlight Talisman(for good miracle adjustment) 

Armor: Elite Knight set +8 with paladin gauntlets(they look pretty sick) 

Rings: Ring of Favor and Protection, Dark Wood Grain Ring 

Magic: Great Fireball, Great Combustion (in case of magic resistance), Wrath of the Gods (beastly miracle), and Lightning Spear. (will get Great Lightning spear in ng+) 

Make sure to kill all of the npc's for humanity and stuff. 

I hope y'all enjoyed the build, but most of all, enjoy the game and have fun. 

P.S. I am now at lvl 125 and I joined darwraiths so I can pvp. Therefore, I am now a holy darkwraith. :D. Gamertag's SacredGiraffe79, so hit me up for some pvp.

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