Elite Knight Set

Elite knight set equipx

icon prot phy 230 icon res poise 46
icon prot strike 223 icon res bleed 74.2
icon prot slash 266.7 icon res poison 50.4
icon prot thrust 230 icon res curse 0
icon prot magi 101.5 icon other dura 450
icon prot fire 109 icon other weig 26.8
icon prot lightn 84.7    

Elite Knight Set is an Armor Set in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Elite Knight Set Information

Armor of a nameless knight, perhaps an elite knight of Astora, based on the fire-warding heraldic symbol on it's blue surcoat.Although he was loath to give up on his Undead mission, he perished at the Undead Asylum, and went Hollow.



  • Upon entering Darkroot Garden follow the road until you get to a sealed door. Follow the path to the right of the door until you come to a white fog. Go through the fog and you will see a small forest in front of you as well as a corpse with the armor set. The corpse is guarded by two sleeping stone knights and four ents. You do not need to fight them, you can simply run up, get the items and run away.
  • Video Location Timestamp 7:02



  • Elite Knight Set can be upgraded by using Titanite Shard (to +3), Large Titanite Shard (to +6), Titanite Chunk (to +9) and Titanite Slab (to +10).
  • This set is considered to be the iconic set of armor of Dark Souls as a whole.
  • The Chest is one of, if not the best choice when you are looking for a good Weight/Defence/Resistance ratio.







Elite Knight Set Table

First row = Regular. Second row = +10 Upgrade

 Name & Icon icon other dura icon other weig icon prot phy icon prot strike icon prot slash icon prot thrust icon prot magi icon prot fire icon prot lightn icon res poise icon res bleed icon res poison icon res curse
elite knight helm
Elite Knight Helm
450 4.5 17 16 21 17 9 9 6 8 9 6 0
23 22 27 23 14 14 9.9 8 9 6 0
elite knight armor
Elite Knight Chest
450 11.7 39 38 45 39 23 25 15 20 23 16 0
94.4 91.5 109.5 94.4 41.1 43.6 36.3 20 32.2 22.4 0
elite knight gauntlets
Elite Knight Gauntlets
450 3.7 12 12 14 12 7 8 5 6 7 5 0
43.6 42.3 50.5 43.6 16.9 19.4 12.1 6 9.8 7 0
elite knight leggings
Elite Knight Leggings
450 6.9 23 22 27 23 14 14 9 12 14 9 0
55.7 54 64.6 55.7 26.6 26.6 21.8 12 19.6 12.6 0
Total 450 26.8 91 88 107 91 53 57 35 46 53 36 0
Total +10 230 223 266.7 230 101.5 109 84.7 46 74.2 50.4 0
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    • Anonymous

      The reason some things last so long is because they work, and they work damn well. A simple, yet timeless design with just enough detail and just enough originality to let you know that it's not just another medieval fantasy video game. Fully upgraded, it's the best armor defensively in the game for its weight, and it has more than enough poise to get you through.

      You don't have to use the Elite Knight Set, but at least respect it. I'd put it up there with Halo's Spartan armor and Skyrim's Iron Armor for iconic video game outfits.

      • Anonymous

        If this is Oscar's armor, then why do we find it in Darkroot when he went hollow in the Asylum. Should of droped with the crest shield.

        • Anonymous

          I think this gives the highest poise for an armor set that doesnt reduce stamina? I e Giants or havels give much more poise and defense but they reduce stamina gain by 5 for wearing the whole set. If you have 40 plus endurance and ring of favor, you could argue that this set under certain circumstances is a bit better, as stamina regen means more attacks, more pressure and especially, more frequent "emergency" no stamina rolls. Is there an armour set that gives higher poise without the flat stamina reduction?

          • Anonymous

            Man, if the little tunic bit was a little longer, like a longcoat this armor would be 10/10. As it stands, it's a 9.

            • Why are these found in the woods of Oscar kicks it at the Asylum? Is the description a translation error, because it implies heavily that it is Oscar’s armor.

              • Anonymous

                Great set if you got the endurance for it, at least until you can get the Catarina set. Try mixing the gauntlets from this set with the rest of the Catarina set if you want better stats for no additional weight gain (it'll cost ya, though).

                • Anonymous

                  Kinda tedious very early but it's possible to run as an Elite Knight at the very beginning if you chose the master key as a starting gift. Pick up the Astora Straight Sword and Dragon Crest Shield from the undead dragon then dash all the way to Darkroot Garden to get the armor set.

                  • Anonymous

                    Found this set all exited for the leggings cos they looked bad ass in Dark Souls 2 and were a great fashion souls item, but they look just lame in this game. Rest of the armour looks good though.

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