Hammer Giant (SL 90)


The Idea behind this guy is to be able to make quick work of those you are invading (I used this build when using the dragon eye stone). Through the use of armor and defensive rings, you should be able to last through whatever they are hitting you with while quickly smashing them to a pulp. What makes this build work is the use of the Stone Greatsword, which when two handed and using the R2 ability, creates an effect similar to twop, only with a shorter lasting time and smaller range.

Class- Warrior


  • Vitality- 22
  • Atttunement- 16
  • Endurance- 40
  • Strength- 46
  • Dexterity- 14
  • Resistance-16
  • Intelligence- 9
  • Faith- 9

  • Right hand- Stone Greatsword +5/ Demon's Great Hammer +15
  • Left Hand- Grass Crest Shield+10/ Pyromancy Flame
  • Head- Mask of the Child
  • Body- Giant's Armor +5
  • Hands- Giant's Gauntlets +5
  • Feet- Giant's Leggings +5
  • Rings- Ring of Steel Protection/ Thunder Stoneplate Ring
  • Spells- Really up to you. Because I messed up and told the initial pyromancer about Quelana without knowing he'd go kill her, I didnt have access to any of her spells. So I made up for it by attaining rank 2 in the Chaos Covenant and using Great Chaos Fireball and Chaos Storm.


The extra few points I put on resistance at the start of my character i did on a whim, and probably should have been invested in vitality. However its up to your discretion. The 16 attunement was also only necessary for me, because i was forced to go to the Chaos covenant for powerful pyromancies. However, these dtails did not set me back in the slightest. All of this equipment added together equals exactly 80, which is absolutely perfect with the endurance stat of 40. The strength stat of 46 is enough to one hand the Great Hammer, and was more than enough for the damage I ended up putting out. I suppose I should also note that in the roughly 30 times I used this build, I won 22, and rarely found the need to use my pyromancy spells in combat, so they are not vital to the build.
How this build works is relatively simple. By using the Stone Greatsword, you receive the faith benefit of twop, without having to actually invest the points into faith. At the beginning of the battle, use the Greatswords 2h R2 ability, switch to your offhand Hammer, and sprint attack at them. This often catches the opponent by surprise, and has 2 very favorable outcomes; the first being that they try to dodge-roll, only to find themselves immobile, the second being they attempt to block it and lose a giant portion of their stamina. Either way, your job is rather simple; just keep swinging the hammer until they die. With the Grass Crest shield on your back stacking with the Child's Mask your stamina regenerates very quickly, and you should be able to keep up the swinging. With the defensive rings attatched, your physical defenses should almost all be in the 400s, and your fire and Electric ones in the low 300s.


Assasins- By far the easiest class to deal with. Without the ability to ninja flip around the area their low poise and armor ratings quickly turn them into hamburg in front of you.
Spell casters- Require a bit more strategy and maneuvering on your part, due to your low magic defenses. However, with a good internet connection (which is really crucial to avoid anyway) I found it was relatively easy to trigger the Crystal Homing Soulmasses at favorable times and sidestep the soulrays, even as a fat roller. Even sprinting in a diagonal fassion towards them will often close the distance to them with relatively little harm to yourself.
Other tanks- As always, the toughest foe to battle is one that is using the same class type as you. Its not uncommon to see other hammer wielding tanks using the REAL variation of twop- the result being two very immobile hammer thugs. All in all- just try to use whatever hammer youre using to your advantage over the other hammers. The Demon's great hammer has more damage than a large club, and possibly a slightly faster attack speed than Smoughs Hammer (just my personal observation, definitely unconfermed). Smough's Hammer wielders will deffinately be your toughest opponent, as they are likely to have invested even more points into strength than you have. Just try to be the one with the first swing, and you'll probably be all set.

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