Power Within my Fist! Created by xPatchesTheHyena on PSN, Idea from Jamazed, who Created "SpellFist".

Armor - Armor of Thorns Dark Mask Crimson Waistcloth Black Knight Gaunlets
Weapons - MainHand - Dragon Bone Fist +5, Chaos/Lightning Claw +5 (Or Caestus) Offhand - Dark Hand, Pyromancy Flame Un-Upgraded
Weight Total - 33.3, Need 66.6 Encumberance.
Rings - Dark Wood Grain Ring, Wolf Ring/Hornet Ring/Ring of (Choice) Protection.
Spells: Power Within

SL Depends on your Choice. Learn the Elements of PvP for Demon's/Dark Souls with this Build and Become pro in no time! (:
The Build that can get past Turtles and pretty much anyone else to. Learn to Roll, Time your Hits, and Practice without Locking on. This Build will Destroy your Enemies, without the pathetic 1 shot Move. I ONLY Recommend this Build to People Looking for a Build that is Fairplay, not Pyro Sorc Destructionation.
Armor was chosen by the Resistances except Armor of Thorns for the roll damage, So you may Change it all around as you like.

Go Nuts!

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