Created by: PSNID: Kuroichi1991 / WikiID: Andethir / Fextra: Corosar
Soul Level: Varies on bosses killed
Starting Class: Warrior
PVP Viability: ?/5 (In Mid Testing of Character.... Will Speak on its behalf after performing challenge)
Gift: Twin Humanities (harder to take down) / Old Witch's ring (Raised by Twinrova)


Equip Load
Above 50% (Big and bulky character)
63 - 107 (if wolf ring is equipped)


Ending Value
up to 42 Based on boss kills
19 (Rather Small spell pool)
up to 40 (for stamina)
32 to allow equiping Black Knight great sword
20 For Dual kitana blades
as needed
24 (For trident)
28 (for wrath of the gods)

Weapons Allowed

Dual Iaito

windwaker Style ganon Primary weapons
Channeler's Trident
Link to the past style ganon Primary
Any talisman
For Force and later Wrath of the gods
Any Catalyst
For dark magics

Any Pyro flame
For Undead Rapport and Power within
Dual Black knight swords
Ocarina of time style ganon primary weapons
Black Knight greatsword
Demise style primary weapon
Dark Hand
(only in offhand) Uses dark energy to protect from attacks
  • No Thrown items or Arrows are usable
  • No Shields usable
  • All Weapon can be used at the start along side armor till found.... at least one style and all spells are required before gwyn can be defeated. once a peice of the armor is found or traded to you... it must be equipped.


Style 1 (Ganon form):
Boar Helm
Steel armor
Steel Gauntlets
Steel Leggings
To look most like Ganon's true form
Style 2 (Ganondorf Form):
No helm
Black Iron Armor
Black Iron Gauntlets
Black Iron leggings
To better look the part!
All but the ring of favor and protection and tiny being's ring
they mess with the health system

Magic, Miracles and Pyromancies

Reasons and/or limitations
Power within
To Use the power of the Triforce
Undead Rapport
Can control hostile beings
Force / Wrath of the gods
Has the ability to repel other beings with his powers
Can Upgrade to Wrath of the gods after 2 lord souls have been aquired using their power as his own
Dark bead
Ganon's ability to use dark and evil magic
Dark Fog
To simulate his evil aura being toxic to life.

Covenants available and reasons

Chaos Servant (Likes to create chaos in his wake)
Warrior of Sunlight (Due to the Triforce)
Princess Guard (Zelda is a princess thus apply)
Darkwraith (Evil Covenant and as such allows for evil actions)
Grave lord (Evil Covenant that spreads evil to other worlds... something in his alley)

Covenants Unavailable

Path of Dragon (Must remain in human form)
Way of White (He is a being of pure evil and as such does not fit his character)
Darkmoon (Invades With the intention of retribution for those wronged... thus not fitting of his character)
Forest hunters (Invades as a method of protecting something and as such would not fit the character)

Additional Rules

  • Ganon is innately Evil allowing him to slay all NPC's at will.
  • Estus is ALLOWED
  • Can not white phantom to any world other than that of Zelda or Link characters from the below builds as it would make some sense as to wish to leave the world
  • Can however invade for his own profit
  • for the first couple of bosses you will have more health than your suppose to have this is OK as long as you have 2 bars plus a half a bar per boss killed must not go over after the boss count catches up
  • Optional (HARD MODE) : NO ESTUS relying on the evil eye ring for sustenance (FOR PROS ONLY)
  • Optional (HARD MODE) : MUST BE ALIVE FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THE GAME AFTER THE ASYLUM if there is humanity on your corpus then you may recover it and immediately revive once you run completely out of humanity you lose the challenge and must restart. (AVERAGE CHALLENGE BECAUSE OF THE FACT YOU CAN FARM HUMANITY AND EARN THROUGH WP)
  • This Build is Part of the co-op Triforce challenge Link can be found here Zelda can be found Here.

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