Paladin Build

Starting Class = Cleric
Gift = Master Key
Covanent = Princess Guard, Blade of the Dark Moon, Warrior of Sunlight
Soul Level= (not yet done)
Vitality = 40
Attunement = 14 (three slots), 19 (five slots)
Endurance = 42
Strength = 50 (lower to 34 if you want a lower soul lvl to two hand grant)
Dex = 12/18 ( To use black knight weapons and have some more choices)
Faith = 50 (can lower to 40 if you want a lower soul lvl but you wont be able to use sunlight spear)
Equipment Burden = 82 (without Havels Ring), 123 (with Havels Ring)
Armor = Paladin Set, Brass Set, Favor Set, Solaire's Set, Crown of Dusk, Mask of the Mother, Mask of the Father, Mask of the Child, Crown of the Dark Sun
RH1 = Grant, Cresent Axe, Any weapon you like that can be used
RH2 = Nothing, Possibly an un-upgraded pyromancy flame for Power Within
LH1 = Sanctus, Sunlight Shield, Grass Crest Shield, or any knight/holy looking shield that you like for example dragon crest shield
LH2 = Sunlight Talisman, Ivory Talisman, Darkmoon Talisman, Canvas Talisman
Spells = Wrath of the Gods, Force, Emit Force, Sunlight Spear, Great Lightning Spear, Replenishment, Bountiful Sunlight, Darkmoon Blade, Sunlight Blade, Gravelord Greatsword Dance, Tranquil Walk of Peace, Great Magic Barrier, Homeward
Ring 1 = Darkwood Grain Ring, Ring of Suns Firstborn, Dusk Crown Ring
Ring 2 = Havels Ring, Ring of Favor and Protection, White Seance Ring, Ring of Suns Princess, Hornet Ring
Items = Green Blossom, Lloyd's Talisman, Blackfire Bomb, Different Mosses, Repair Powder, Divine Blessing

This build focuses on using strength weapons and faith weapons to deal damage. If your using a weapon that has a B or plus scaling in strength then use either sunlight or darkmoon blade and any weapon that doesn't have at least a B scaling with strength turn into lighting/divine/occult. If you decide to use Sanctus, replenishment or bountiful sunlight increase the amount it heals per second even more. Sunlight spear is preferred for range damage but in order to get it you have to be in the warriors of sunlight covenant and have to make this on new game plus by giving the soul of lord gwyn to the sunlight altar. Force, Wrath of the gods, and Emit Force i use for when someone gets too close and there about to hit me but dont spam them. If your only going to put faith at lvl 40 use canvas or darkmoon talisman but if your going to raise faith to 50 use sunlight, ivory, or darkmoon talisman (darkmoon is the best in all cases). You can use power within to do more damage but not necessary and other than that have fun. Hope you enjoy this build its my second one if you have any questions or want to change something just message me or leave a comment on this page.

Progression path

Covenants - way of white to start out, forest hunter until three kills for ring of fog then kill shiva in blighttown for weapons, armor, and ring, princess guard for the ring, warrior of sunlight until rank one (ten sunlight medals given) for the great lightning spear, dark wraith until rank two (30 humanities given), gravelord servant until rank 1 (ten eyes of death offered) for great gravelord sword dance and sword, blade of darkmoon until rank 1 (ten souvenirs of reprisal) for talisman, princess guard agian for miracles, chaos servant until rank 2 (30 humanity offered for shortcut to izalith for sunlight maggot and to keep solaire alive), warrior of sunlight (since you broke blade of the darkmoon and princess guard for your first playthought , you can go any other covanent if you want i just love being a sun bro and it fits the paladin build) and then second playthrough you can alternate between warriors of sunlight for sunlight spear, princess guard for miracles, and blade of the darkmoon for darkmoon blade.

Areas first playthrough - Northern Undead Asulym (first time here nothing to important here just collect everything you can), Firelink Shrine (get the humanity but dont turn human form and make sure you visit the graveyard behind the shrine to get all the items and kill yourself to get out the graveyard), Undead Burg (make sure to cut off the drakes tail and get the drake sword which around this time you should farm the drake for souls by lvl up strength and dex to wield it and kill the black knight with it), Undead Parish (open the shortcuts in this area, get the basement key, and gain access to the bonfire and blacksmith, then kill off the tower knight and gargoyles), Lower Undead Burg ( just kill Capra Demon to get access to the depths), Depths (make sure to get the large ember and farm the basilisks, lizards with bulging eyes that can curse you if your not careful, for eyes of death you will need about ten.), Blighttown (

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