Belmont Build by Borbman21

Starting Class: Wanderer
Starting Gift: Master Key

General Information
I know I'm not the first to come up with this one, but it is a build designed around Castlevania, and the use of the whip. Throughout this play, you are allowed to use the whip and the thorned whip as a weapon only.

The whip is a very difficult weapon to use. It does not do a lot of damage, you can not reposite, and you can not backstab with it. It scales with dexterity, with a grade of B.

Some positives of the whip: It has decent range, and can do damage in a large area. Holding it with two hands, and using the normal attack swings the whip in an arc. This is great for taking out mobs. Enemies can not parry you either. If an enemy is showing that he will parry, just attack him and you will break through his parry. The whip interrupts most bad guys. Usually if the enemy is unarmored, your whip will interrupt their attacks.

Ideally, you shouldn't play with a shield (Belmonts don't get shields.) But since this is Dark Souls, a shield is a must. I used normal shields for this character.

To be successful with this build, you must master the whip:
  • Single handed normal attack: Decent ranged attack in front of you. When you attack, Belmont takes one step forward. This can be dangerous in tight spaces, as this one step can lead you off a cliff.
  • Single Handed Heavy attack: Similar to the normal attack. Do as second heavy attack to swing the whip in an arc in front of you.
  • Double handed normal attack: Swings the whip in an arc in front of you. Good for mobs.
  • Double handed heavy attack: Belmont holds the whip above his head, and attacks in a straight line in front of him. This attack is difficult to use, as he takes a second holding the whip before actually attacking. Not recommended to use this attack, as you will be left open to damage.
  • For all his attacks, he takes a step forward when attacking. Beware when around cliffs; this step can lead you off one.

Stats for Level 50 Build
Vitality: 10 (+5)
Attunement: 11 (+3)
Endurance: 10 (+ 10)
Strength: 10 (+4)
Dexterity: 14 (+ 16)
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 8 (+ 12)

First thing you do after the asylum is to rush straight for the whip. Go through Londo Ruins and into Blight Town (just dash past the fatties and other bad guys.) I got lucky and was able to do it on my first try.

  • Helmet: None (Belmonts don't wear helmets)
  • Armor: I used Elite Knight Armour. I couldn't find anything else that looked cool for Belmont.
  • Gloves: Wanderer Gloves
  • Legs: Wanderer Boots
  • Now, have fun playing as a Belmont.

  • Since the whip is weak, I was very dependent on help for bosses. It will be too difficult to beat bosses on your own.
  • I upgraded my whip to a divine whip. Although you lose the B grade for scaling with dexterity, it provided enough boost in damage at early levels until you get the thorned whip. The divine whip is also helpful for the catacombs.
  • Once you get the thorned whip, this will be your main weapon. I upgraded mine to standard + 10 to keep the B dexterity scaling.

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