This is the base of my Crimson Reaper build for pvp by Crimson_Reaper
The class is for players that wanted to make short work of players in pvp, well still having options, mind you it is a class that needs skill be hind it not ever one can work this class as I could, I had well over 10,000 player kills with this class at the time I was playing Dark souls with out dieing once pvp.
You need to know how to move in an out an not just swing freely.
Level Range for this class is 50-90 any more then that life hunt fails off cause of people start to have higher resistances.
Level: 52
Vitality: 20
Attunement: 14
Endurance: 30
Strength: 16
Dexterity: 21
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 10
Faith: 12

Lifehunt Scythe + 4
Bloodshield + 14
Dark Set was mainly for effect you can get the most out of the class by mixing other sets.
Bloodbite Ring

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