Rapier Katana build
SL 120 build that focus on DEX and VIT
Starting Class: Wanderer
Soul Level: 120
Vit: 65
Att: 11(1 slot for great combustion)
End: 40(Max Stamina and nice Equip Burden)
Str: 16 (necessary for uchigatana)
Dex: 40
Res: Default
Int: Deault
Faith: Default
Main Weapons:
RH 1: Uchigatana +15
RH 2: Lightning Rapier +5
LH 1: Crest Shield
LH 2: Pyro Glove +5 Ascended
Rings: Dark Wood Grain Ring, Red Tearstone Ring
Thief 's hood
Hard Leather Armor
Black Iron Gauntlets
Havel Leggings
While using this build you are going to start the march with the Uchigatana and when the enemy gets lower health change to the rapier.If your health gets lower change to a more defensive style and doing a lot of damage because you will be using the red tearstone ring.If you find gankers use the rapier and backstab.If you are good at parrys go for them because the rapier is awsome for this style of gameplay.The only magic you need to use is great combustion but be careful when using this pyromancy cause you can get backstabed very easily.Any questions ask me on PSN: NiceShotGuy Xbox Live: MatadorDeJ0snei.

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