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This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Spartan Novice
  • Build Level:
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stats:
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand:
  • Left Hand:
  • Head:
  • Chest:
  • Hands:
  • Legs:
  • Rings:
  • Items:


Build Strategy


Mix of RPG, low Soul level run and thematic challenge that puts you into shoes of young Greek man that will need to proceed through hard Spartan Training in order to join legendary Spartan army (and somehow survive)


Start of game:

Class: Bandit

Starting Gift: Twin humanities

 (on mugenmonkey)



Soul Level: 5 (get +1 Dexterity level at the beginning)

Shield: Iron Round Shield (+15)

Weapons: Fire (or Chaos) and Lightning Spear (+5), Fire (or Chaos) and Lightning Broadsword (+5)

Extra Rules:

  • Read Spartan Training
  • Drop non-unique weapons from inventory, except swords/spears that we are going to use
  • Drop weapons with above 21 Strength and/or 10 Dexterity requirements (so drop 22+ str and/or 11+ dex weapons)
  • Drop duplicate weapon/armor pieces asap
  • Store armor sets in Bottomless Box for later use, as we will play mostly without armor
  • Use consumable souls when picked up




General equipment of Spartan soldiers were sword, spear and shield. For shield I've chosen the Iron Round Shield, because its look and high deflection perfectly fits into lore. It has 14 Strength requirement, sword/spear has 10 Dexterity requirement, and this means that no starting class can meet this without leveling. The best class I've find for is Bandit (14str, 9dex) but you can use Warrior (13str, 13dex) for example if you will want to make a different build later on.

Then I've chosen Twin Humanities as starting gift instead of Master key. The reasons are that we spent Twin Humanities early to get 10 soft hummies asap, and because of Spartan Training challenge we are not going to skip content (via key) to get stronger sooner, like in most of runs/builds. Increaced item drop rate will help to get sword and spear as soon as possible.


Progress Route:

Undead Asylum - we start with Battle Axe and Spider Shield, which will carry us through ealry game. Nothing special here

Frelink Shrine - level +1 Dex at bonfire, collect 3 Humanities and all consumable souls in Fireling and nearby graveyard, skip Zweihandler and Winged Spear, but get Binoculars.

Undead Burg - when you get through Fireling Hollows, use Twin Humanities and all Humanities, kill rat, go upstairs, kill 2 holows, turn around, jump above strair to platform and collect Humanity from a corpse at wall. You should have 7 soft humanities now. Continue to Undead merchant (male) where you buy Spear (if not dropped), Bottomless box, Repair Box, Residence key and for spare souls Throwing Knives and Wooden bolts. Continune from merchant through Burg for Light Crossbow. From bonfire proceed forward and kill boss.

Bridge - after Taurus boss, talk with Solaire, get to middle of bridge, activate shortcut, wait for dragon, run to altar to make it leave, put Claymore into bottomless box.

Undead Parish - just be carefull and fight 1v1, kill skeletons before Armored Tusk, get to blacksmith and spent all consumable souls before shopping.

Blacksmith Andre - first of all, upgrade Spear to +5, then go down and skip Prowling demon.

Darkroot Garden - while relatively high number of soft humanities, farm Purple moss on 4 trees (at least 5+ of each kind). Getting Wolf Ring is optional.

Back to Parish - farm souls, buy all toolboxes, upgrade sword, crossbow and spider shield to +5, get some bolts, always place Summon Sign to help others, collect 6k before encountering Bell Gargoyles, as they give 10k, and we will need to buy Poisonbite Ring for 15k from Oswald of Carim and Homward bones for the rest. Don't forget to summon Solaire and some player.

Back to Asylum - go back to Asylum, kill 2x Black Knight and 1x knight of Astora, get Iron Rusted Ring, skip boss, go back to Firelink and Undead Burg.

Lower Undead Burg - entering from bridge, clear the area and loots, actiate shortcut, kill Capra Demon, proceed to the Depths

Depths - nothing special, clear area, farm rats for hummies, get invaded by NPC, invite Solaire for Gaping Dragon, proceed to upper Blightown

Blightown - prepare moss, be carefull, equip PoisonBite Ring, Crossbow and Rusted Iron before entering lower parts, praise the sun when you get to the bottom bonfire. Then get invaded by Mindred, go to Queelag's domain, summon Mindred, kill boss, ring bell, go back to bottom bonfire, rest, now go to Valley of Drakes -> New Londo Ruins -> Firelink -> Parish.

Iron Round Shield - go back to Parish, buy Crest of Artorias, go to Darkroot Garden join Forest Hunter covenant, speak to Shiva of the East, rest at Andre's bonfire, go this routh without using bonfires: Firelink -> New Londo Ruins -> Valley of Drakes -> Blightown -> talk to Shiva, lure Cragspider to kill him and his ninja, get rings and shield, Boneward to Andre's bonfire, upgrade shield to +5.

Sen's Fortress - rush to get Lightning Spear and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, while not dying as possible. Skip other content, as we want the ring and spear.

Back to Blightown to farm 30+ Green and 40 Large Titanite shards on Giant Leeches, which will be needed for +5 Fire [sword, spear and crossbow] and +10 Normal [sword, spear, crossbow and shield]

The Great Hollow - just get the Cloranthy Ring and go all the way back to Firelink bonfire.

Vamos - getting to Vamos in The Catacombs will require suicide-killing Necromancers, kicking skeletons from cliff while shouting "This is SPARTAAA..." and some knowledge of area, as we don't have any Divine weapon nor Fall Controll. Upgrade weapons to Fire +5, boneward back.

Anor Londo - so back to Andre, get through Sen's Fortress to Anor Londo, where we want to access the Giant Blacksmith for Lightning upgrades and obtain Leo ring.

/* Todo farm normal and red titanite chunks/slabs */

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