Dragon King

Starting Class = Warrior, Pyromancer ( You will have to do two playthroughs of the game to get two pyromancy flames)
Gift = Black Fire Bomb (to get the demons great hammer from the asylum demon by killing him the first encounter), Master Key
Covenants = Chaos Servant until rank 2, Path of the Dragon
Vit = 60 (can lower to have a lower soul lvl)
Att =14 (Three Attunement Slot), Can go to 10 if you want to a lower soul lvl. Only use power within and an un-upgraded pyromancers flame)
End =40
Str =50
Dex =18
Equipment Burden = 80 (without havels ring), 120 (with havels ring)
Armor = None use the dragon torse stone
RH1 = Dragon Greatsword+5, Dragon Tooth+5, (or really any strength scaling weapon you like i just use the dragon weapons for looks)
RH2 = Pyromancy Flame none upgraded (for power within)
LH1 = Havels Greatshield, Grass Crest Shield+14, (or really any good shield again i use Havels Greatshield for looks and Grass Crest Shield for the stamina regen)
LH2 = Pyromancy Flame Ascended+5 (can switch the un-upgraded pyromancy flame depending on your playstyle)
Spells = Power Within (must have, use with the un-upgraded pyromancy flame), (extras) Great Combustion, Great Chaos Fireball, Great Fireball, Chaos Fire Whip, Fire Whip, And Fire Surge)
Ring 1 = Havels Ring, Ring of Steel Protection, Stoneplate Rings, Blue Tearstone Ring
Ring 2 = Dark Wood Grain Ring, Red Tearstone Ring, Lingering Dragoncrest Ring, Wolf Ring, Hornet Ring, Ring of Favor and Protection
Items = Dragon Torso Stone, Dragon Head Stone, Green Blossom, Lloyd's Talisman, Gold Pine Resin, Charcoal Pine Resin
This build focus's on using the dragon shout along with power within to do alot of damage. Has pyromancys to help with ranged damage. Since you dont have armor your very vulnerable but i make it up by having 60 vitality and the rings. Again you can use any weapon as long as it has strength scaling and any shield you want but you have to have the dragon torso stone.Also i boosted dex up to 18 for the black knight weapons which are a great help early on.
Example Build =

(This is my first build if there is anything that you want me to add or want to change just leave a comment or message me and i will work it out.)

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