Cult Cleric Regen
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    12 30 95
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16 13 16 9 10

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Cult Cleric Regen
  • Build Level: 120
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Starting Class: Knight/Cleric. Gift: Any, master key is my default.
  • Build Main Stats:
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment

  • As a build focusing on passively regenerating health, your equipment will be centered on such. The amount of HP recovered is miniscule, but over time it can really add up. 
    • Server. This weapon is largely ignored because... well, it isn't all that great. Interestingly, although it bears special properties (HP regen per hit) it can be upgraded as any regular weapon. Make it Lightning and you can deal some damage, albeit with the awkward curved greatsword moveset.
    • Sanctus. Pretty obvious. About 1 HP regenerated per second. Yes, that's a pretty pathetic amount, but if a battle draws out (which, given your massive pool of health, isn't that unlikely) it can add up. Plus it looks awesome having a glowing holy aura around you
    • Ring of the Evil Eye. A largely ignored ring, this bad boy can really conserve some estus flasks if you're careful. Restoring a whopping 30 HP per kill, if you take out enemies one by one (it doesn't stack with multiple kills) and pick off weaker enemies, you can get some good heals in without resorting to miracles or your precious flasks, especially combined with Sanctus and Server.
    • Mask of the Mother. Extra HP, and the reason behind this build's name. This mask did belong to an infamous necromancer, you know.
    • Ring of Favor and Protection. Extra health, extra stamina, a horribly annoying curse upon you to never remove it... What's NOT to love? Trade a Xanthous Crown to Snuggly and put two on for the lulz. Actually, if you plan on pure PvP, that wouldn't be a bad idea... Hmm...
    • Thorolund Talisman. Since you'll be a cleric with less than admirable faith, this talisman will maximize the benefit of lesser miracles such as your basic Heal, unless you plan on going anywhere above 19 faith, in which case the Canvas talisman would serve you best.
    • A solid backup. The Server is definitely not the best weapon around, so keep something else handy. I, personally, prefer a pike, as it keeps you safe with its good reach and does some good damage when upgraded. Obviously this is totally up to you, a claymore or essentially anything else is a viable option if you can fit the parameters in.

    As to armor, it's really up to you. I personally prefer the Cleric and Holy armor sets just for looks and because I like to actually appear as the class I intend to be. I hate seeing a Cleric decked out in unfitting armor and blasting Great Chaos Fireballs... But then again, ambiguity is power I suppose. Speaking of magic, outside of defensive casting, you probably won't have the attunement, faith, nor intelligence to really cast anything offensive. You can always mess around and squeeze them in, of course. While it's not very deep, this build is, if anything, malleable. 


Build Strategy


Basically, this is a classic Vitality gouge build, utilizing recovery miracles to stay in the game for as long as possible, while using elemental weapons so as not to slouch in offense. This build is pretty much more for fun than anything, thus its classification as a PvE build, but with some patience and skill I'm sure you could pull off some PvP as did the player from whence I derived this build from (DarkSoulsMindEye). Contrary to most cleric/miracle builds, this one basically uses the bare minimum amount of faith needed. Do note, a fairly specific set of equipment is needed to maximize the regeneration, but you'll have to switch things around to get the most out of it. Also note, this is not a pure tank build. While you can easily soak up tons of hits with your vitality, your best bet should be to avoid attacks in general and strike when the enemy is vulnerable, not to turtle behind a shield. I use the bare minimum stats to be able to two-hand the Server, so you can pump some more into strength if you really want to 1 hand it. Just a side note, this isn't an exact copy of the "Vital Cleric of Replenishment". Stat-wise it basically is, but the equipment like the Server/Ring of the Evil Eye and intentions for even more casual PvE differentiate it. But due credit nonetheless goes to him; check out his pro skills in his videos. 

So, your ultimate goal in any battle is basically to chip away at your opponent; outlast them, and they'll eventually fall. Ring of the Evil Eye is useful ONLY throughout the level where there are actually enemies you can kill. Boss battles or PvP render it useless, so have a solid backup. My personal recommendation would be the Ring of the Sun Princess. Not only does this naturally boost your basic Heal miracles, it's also the only real item that can affect Replenishment, increasing the amount healed from 10 HP per second to 12, thus increasing the total healed from 600 to 720. Again, a minor difference in view of your 2500+ health, but this build is basically about stacking all these tiny regenerative effects together in the first place. Against bosses, you can choose to keep the Server equipped to gain 7 HP per hit, or you can opt for a more damaging weapon and leave the healing to Replenishment and Sanctus. A fully upgraded Lightning Server really isn't that bad of a weapon, but again, it's your choice. 
Activate Replenishment before any Boss encounter or before you're being invaded / during an invasion. Do it before the actual battle starts. In the case of PvP, you can afford to play a bit offensively at least at first. Since you have Replenishment active, it would actually be slightly in your benefit to take a little damage so the buff can actually work. Invest a little risk and it just may pay off. After your initial offensive, play it safe as you would in regular PvP and do your thing. If you're doing PvP, I would NOT recommend the server. Should you actually hit your opponent, 7 HP isn't worth the awkward moveset, which could very well cost you the game. Have a solid backup, as recommended. This doesn't mean keep something in the second slot; if you're PvP'ing you'll have enough warning to go into the menu and switch out the Server to conserve weight. Pike is nice for the range, Claymore for the good moveset. Totally up to you, use something you're good with (and that falls within your parameters of course) Also, please follow the 'honorable' PvP rules. Don't be a jerk online. That said, should the host/phantom decide to be cheap and gulp down an estus or squish a humanity, you can very well do the same and undo any scratches he's done to you, making him damaging your massive pool of health in the first place moot. If possible, recast Replenishment should it wear off, which, in the prolonged battles this build practically enforces, is likely to occur. "Beware of the cleric knight blessed by Replenishment, for he shall not fall easily." 
For Boss encounters, as mentioned, activate Replenishment beforehand. Basically, it'll differ depending on the Boss you're actually fighting, but your extra health will give you a bigger cushion to study their movements and save you from mistakes. Chug a few flasks if you get low on health, and keep at it! 


Feel free to swap around any stats as you see fit, this is just what I prefer and what works best for me. As I've said, this build is pretty flexible, so you can tinker around to suit your playstyle. I appreciate feedback; this is my first real build, so go easy on me. :P 
Class: Knight SL: 12 SL: 19 SL: 78 SL: 100 SL: 120  
Vitality 14 14 60 75 95  
Attunement 10 12 - - 12  
Endurance 10 10 23 30 30  
Strength 16 - - - 16  
Dexterity 13 - - - 13  
Resistance 10 - - - 10  
Intelligence 9 - - - 9  
Faith 11 16 - - 16  
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