Bow Build

Stats: (Leave at base if )**

  • Soul Level - 120
  • Vitality - 30
  • Attunement -
  • Endurance - 40
  • Strength - 40
  • Dexterity - 50
  • Resistence -
  • Intelligence -
  • Faith -
(Put that last level into whatever you want)



  • RH1 - Dragonslayer Greatbow +5
  • RH2 - Your favorite weapon with good swing speed, like the Baller Swag Sword +15
  • LH1 - Composite Bow +15
  • LH2 - Whatevs. I chose Grass Crest Shield +15
  • Dragonslayer Arrows
  • Poison Arrows

Armor: Dragon, otherwise:

  • Big Hat +5/Mask of the Child
  • Dingy Robe +15
  • Black Manchette +5
  • Black Iron Leggings +5
Or, you know, whatever you like.


  • FAP Ring
  • Wolf Ring/Darkwood Grain Ring if above 25%


It's a risky build, I'll say that out front. It is also the most fun I've ever had while playing Dark Souls. With the Greatbow; Draw it while they're far-ish away, and keep it drawn until they're right in front of you. They never expect it. Especially if you do it right as they swing. With the Composite Bow, just fire 'til they poison. Preferably from a medium distance. Waiting 'til they're close is a no-no. It does great damage by itself, but little flinch capacity. If you aren't in a good position to bow, or your opponent(s) won't let you, switch to the melee. You can also bring along Rotten Pine Resin if you want to poison them some more.

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