A great PvP build with high damage and fun tactics to make it very interesting and exciting to play.

SL 120

Starting Class: Pyromancer

Vit: 52

Att: 16

End: 40

Str: 20

Dex: 45

Int: Base

Res: Base

Fai: Base

40 Endurance is a must have for as much stamina as possible. The amount of attunement can be altered to preference. 20 strength is required to wield the Washing Pole. 45 Dex is for damage scaling and maximum casting speed for Pyromancies. Rest of the points were spent into Vitality.

The goal is to poison the enemy using Rotten Pine Resin on the main weapon, then make them bleed out for even more health. Then, switch to the Quelaag's Furysword if physical damage isn't working. Some tactics that can be used are to use the poison mist to fog up the playing field, then cast a pyromancy like firestorm, as the opponent will have a hard time knowing its even coming. This build is very tactical, stealthy, and a fun all-around Dex build with great Survivability. I recommend watching the video to see how the build plays out and for more tactics.

Click here to watch the video for this build!

Weapons & Armor

RH 1 - Washing Pole +15

RH 2 - Quelaag's Furysword +15

LH 1 - Grass Crest Shield +15

LH 2 - Ascended Pyromancy Glove +5


Head - Crown of Dusk

Body - Knight Armor +10

Hands - Havel's Gauntlets

Legs - Knight Leggings +10


Ring 1 - Ring of Favor and Protection

Ring 2 - Dark Wood Grain Ring


Pyromancies - Poison Mist / Toxic Mist, Fire Surge, Great Combustion, Fire Tempest


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