Multi Playstyles PVP Dex Build

This guide shows you the options you have if you want to make a dex build for pvp. So, depending on your playstyle and preferences you will have to make your own choices.

Starting class : Hunter
(Bandit and Thief can do the job too, they all have their pros and cons.)

Recommended stats : you should keep your dexterity higher than your vitality and your vitality higher than your endurance and your endurance higher than your strengh.
: keep at default value OR try your own costumized build.
Vitality : 15-60
Attunement : --
Endurance : 15-40 max (stamina maxed at 40)
Strength : choose depending on weapon you want later (bows are wield with 2 hands so you won’t need too much)
Dexterity : 20-70
Resistance :
Intelligence :
Faith :
Humanity : try to keep as high as possible (31 for max resists i think) and gives you some nice item finding bonus too.

An example of stats : 30 vitality, 25endurance, 40 dex.

Weapons :

Daggers :

Priscilla’s Dagger : Scales a lot with dex so it’s a weapon of choice once you’re mid-high level. Not recommended at low level.

Bandit’s Knife : excellent choice if you do a lot of critical hits (backstabs, ‘after parrying hits’). A good low-level choice.

Jagged Ghost Blade : better than Bandit’s Knife for normal hits, but weaker for critical hits.
Also a good low-level choice.

Katanas and other curved swords :

Ushigatana : Easy to get and can be good at low-mid level since it has 300 bleeding damage

Iaito : Found in Blight Town, can be good at low-mid level since it has 300 bleeding damage, but it hits a bit less than the Ushigatana.

Chaos Blade : Can be great but keep in mind that it hurts you when you attack with it , but it causes high bleed and poison.

Murakumo : Very strong weapon at mid-high level BUT, high strength and stamina needed.

Qeelalag’s Furysword : Best weapon for low-mid levels if you plan on having 10+ humanity all the time.

Painting Guardian Sword
: Best weapon once high level since it scales a lot with dex.


I personnaly don’t know much about crossbows so I’m not a reference on that subject. I prefer bows to crossbows since it can aim, but crossbows hit way more and are better at close-range, so make your own choice.

Short Bow : Very low level bow, but still does the job. Scales a lot with dex, so depending on your budget and luck on item drops it might be a good weapon even in late game.

Longbow: More range than short bow, but appears to be slower and a bit heavier.

Black bow of pharis : hits more than short bow and has twice as good critical dammage.

Other weapons :

Whip : Only use on exposed skin ennemies since it really sucks against armored foes.

Ibaramuchi : Same as whip, but does 300 bleeding dammage and is a bit more effective on armors.

Armors :

Anything that isnt too heavy can do the job, your choice will depend of your level/areas unlocked/endurance(your weight has to be under 25% of your total weight if you want to roll properly in order to pvp).

Low level : Leather armor/ Wanderer Set/ Thief Set/ Bandit Set/ Hunter Set/ Antiquated Set

Mid level-High level : Black Set/ Crimson Set/ Dingy Set/ Hollow Thief Set/ Maiden Set/ **Gold-Hemmed Black Armor**/ Shadow Set/ Great Lord Set/ Gwyndolin Moonlight Set.

Shields :

I don’t recommand using shields unless you play with a dagger(then take a small shield), you can either 2H katanas or bows with your left hand free.

Rings :

PVE rings : Cloranthy Ring : good for katanas, but never use with a bow or crossbow since you have already regained all your stamina in the time you shoot an arrow then a second one.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring : only use in pve to get a maximum of drops from all ennemies.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring : same as the gold one, only use in pve for souls.

Dark wood Grain ring : great for rolling in pvp and in pve.

PVP rings :

East Wood Grain Ring : Awesome with katanas since they have very low durability, but you might only need in pve since a pvp fight can be very short.

Hawk Ring : Bow users only since it Increases the range of all Bows by 50%.

Hornet Ring : Great for critical hits since it boosts Critical Strike damage by 50%.

Ring of Favor and Protection : A good choice for pvp and pve since it boosts HP, stamina and equip load by 20%, but it breaks when removed.

Ring of Fog : Can be useful for backstabs and for bow users since it turns the player transparent making them un-targetable (but not un-hittable).

PvP tips : Depending which class you’re against and how many of them there are, you will need to adapt yourself if you want to win anything in dark souls’ pvp. You might want to start off with your bow so they run up to you and then you can get you katanas or dagger to finish them off. ALWAYS have < 25% of your max weight so you can roll fast). 2Hand your bows and also, sometimes, your katanas.

PvE tips : About the same for every class, try to isolate monsters, backstab them, learn their attack paterns and move paterns, choose the right weapon to face them and the right element and be patient. Having a high humanity will help you to win more fights and also get you better weapons.

Upgrade tips :

Raw weapons are great for low levels since you won’t have much dex to scale with your weapons.
Normal weapons are better than raw weapons once you reach mid-high levels.

That build allows you to play with a dagger, a bow, a crossbow, a katana, other curved swords and many other weapons that scale with dex. You can decide to either close combat others or range them.

The informations contained in that wiki all come from the darksoulswiki and from my own knowledge. Feel free to correct any mistake, the game may be patched resulting in some of my informations becoming false, so always verify by yourself.

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