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This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Everlast-Knight
  • Build Level: 100
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stats:
  • Starting Class: Knight
  • Starting Gift: Master Key (Preferred), Tiny Being's Ring (Extra Beginning HP Preference), or Old Witch's Ring (Quest/Exploration Preference)


Build Equipment



Weapon Name Acquirement Point Stats (Str/Dex/Int/Fai)
Broadsword Starter Weapon 10/10/0/0
Gargoyle Axe First Bell Tower Boss 14/14/-/-
Short Bow Undead Merchant M. 7/12/0/0
Drake Sword Under Bridge of Hellkite Wyvern, Shoot its tail off with short bow 16/10/0/0
Long Bow Optional prerequisite for Black Bow of Pharis 9/14/0/0
Quelaag's Furysword Any time after Quelaag's defeat 11/13/0/0
Lightning Spear Optional, for Smough and Ornstein Boss Battle 11/10/0/0
Black Bow of Pharis Optional, for more strong ranged 9/18/0/0
Dragon Greatsword Ash Lake, upon entering the Path of the Dragon Covenant, you must cut off the Everlast Dragon's Tail 50/10/0/0


Armor Set Name Acquirement Point Armor Purpose
Knight Set Initial Starter Equipment To get you started.
Gold-Hemmed Black Armor Before Ceaseless Discharge Boss Battle Sneaking and resist properties
Painted Guardian Armor Painted World of Ariamas Curse Resistance
Elite Knight Set Darkroot Garden, by 2 sleeping stone knights First Knight Armor
Adventurer's Set Domhnall of Zena Optional
Catarina Set Crestfallen Merchant Optional
Black Iron Armor To the left of the Painting for Painted World of Ariamas First Tanking Armor
Havel's Armor Chests in treasury of Anor Londo, behind fireplace wall. Second Tanking Armor
Ornstein's Armor Defeat Ornstein Last Second Knight Armor, Optional
Smough's Armor Defeat Smough Last Third Tanking Armor, Optional
Black Knight Set Kiln of the First Flame, on a body hanging off the edge on one of the beams. Second/Third Knight Armor
Great Lord Armor Domhnall of Zena in New Game + Third Tanking Armor, Optional


Build Strategy

Class Explaination 

The purpose of this class is to exploit your self like one of Havel's Knights with the bite of the Everlast Dragons. 

With high defense, agility, powerful attacks, fire damage, and the unique ability to turn your self into a dragon in the end for your own purposeful gains you will become an agile tanking machine. 

I've been playing this through my self and I've yet to come across something that has severely hindered this build, this includes Smough and Ornstein, they are beatable, simply for pyromancy and heavy defense. Armor choices and weapon choices are scaled to the soul levels and points of the game necessary for their usefulness. Optional items are ones I deemed so because i picked them up on my travels, used them, and then soon replaced them because of a required item I felt suited the build more. 

When it comes to using shields, this was a hard decision on my part as shields are as useful as the situation that their resistances are valuable for. Overall I have ran through the game from after the Gaping Dragon and on with the Crystal Shield, note that if it was not for it being unrepairable, it would be exclusive to the build, but until I test further with this build I will not state what shields to use, only to suggest selecting shields that reflect positive on the battles you are currently facing.I am currently looking at the Black Knight Shield, which is relatively close to the crystal shield, if not better once upgraded. 

Advantages: High Defense. High Attacks. Pyromancy. Agile. Ability to heal. 

Disadvantages: Limited Ranged Weapon Selection. Medium Hit Points. Medium Endurance. Low resistance increase. 

Most of the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for this build. It is actually a build that will improve your swordplay skills, rather than requiring on ranged. Using tactical advantages of medium ranged pyro spells, close combat pyro spells, and some defensive pyro spells you can become more of a tank and a higher threat to enemies. Causing you to be able to take out mini boss creatures and many other bosses with little to no necessary healing. Without practicing and feeling for the quick combat style reflexes this build requires, you will inevitably fall to the enemies. The biggest tip I can provide when playing this class, is to take your time with every move you make.as it could easily be your last if you are not paying attention. 

Rings are a valuable asset to this character, when it comes to the situation at hand be sure to alter what you wear, you'll most likely need the Havel's Ring to even begin to wear Havel's Armor. The Rusted Iron Ring will allow you to traverse lower Blighttown with ease in the Gold-Hemmed Black Armor. And if you choose to wield heavier weapons and shields, using the wolf ring is always good for the extra 40 poise it grants. 

if I start a NG+ I will go on to explaining the values past level 100, but for now there is no Meta Game information on this build. 
Level Stats 

Stat Name Level 5 Level 25 Level 50 Level 75 Level 100
Vitality 14 16 21 25 33
Attunement 10 12 14 16 18
Endurance 10 16 21 25 30
Strength 11 16 27 40 50
Dexterity 11 14 16 18 18
Resistance 10 11 11 11 11
Intelligence 9 9 9 9 9
Faith 11 12 12 12 12

NOTE: Faith stat is raised to 12 for the ability to cast the heal miracle which works both in PvE and PvP. Attunement stat is raised to allow pyromancies to be added to the build for high damage with low stats. 


This class starts with Covenant of the White. Use this for now until you need to battle Sif. 

Your second will be the Covenant of the Forest Hunter. This will allow easier access to Sif during blood stain runs back, otherwise it is completely optional. 

Your third will be the Covenant of the Chaos Servant. This will allow you to upgrade your pyromancy skills to +15 through the egg burdened servant before Spider Witch. She will allow you to access estus flask upgrades when Firelink Shrine's Fire Keeper is murdered by Lautrec, your first pyromancer trainer and until you reach the first bonfire of Anor Londo. You should take advantage of all pyromancy spells that Quelana of Izalith will provide you in Blighttown before leaving covenant. 

Your fourth will be the Covenant of the Path of the Dragon. This is a completely optional covenant, but for pyromancy sake and the timely usefulness of the dragon items they provide you, mind it is a lot of work to acquire dragon scales so it will require a lot of online invasions on your part, it is almost expected as the final covenant. It will also grant you access to the Dragon Greatsword, which is inevitably your final weapon for this build. It should be noted that the heavy attack will cause the weapon durability loss that will cost 800 souls per use, it is not recommended to be used often, unless you have the souls to fix this tool of destruction. 

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    • Anonymous

      Pretty great knight build, get extra heals and solid strength to handle everything, I don’t recommend the dragon great sword personally. I found it to be underwhelming even after upgrading. Weapon wise I would go for black knight weapons, they all scale with strength and hit like a truck once full leveled. Strength wise definitely stop at 40 or 45, going all the way to 50 is not worth the dragon great sword, again that’s my opinion

      • Anonymous

        Im planning to try this at Remastered - Edition. But question. (Because im noob at Dark Souls 1) What pyromancery skills you are using?

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