Obsidian Lord Build
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This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Obsidian Lord Build
  • Build Level: 120
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stats: Strength/Endurance
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment


  • Dragonking Greataxe +5(DKGA) (Right hand) - always main, great attack variations, R2 an rolling R1 are superb. Running R1 will destoy foe(s) stamina if they block
  • Golem's Axe +5 (right hand 2) - this is builds 'speedy' weapon an ranged attacker, spam R2 when they are afar an keep them on the move. a timed(2hand) R2 after a force knockdown hits nicely
  • Havel's Shield (Left hand) - 100/90/80/80 just cant go wrong there, stats allow use of magic shield which will further boost effectiveness offering little for mages to work with. Having tons of Repair powders allow for constint use of L2 (just switch to main an use powders) helps immensely.
  • Dragon's Tooth +5 * (left hand 2) - has great range. Straight overhead attack makes free-lock hits and narrow spaces easier to deal with. Character steps forward slightly with attack which paired with its shorter main tricks foe(s) at times. Mostly equip for PvE, 1v1 an 2v1 fights :) as sometimes taliman/cata/flame is more vital like when outnumbered. Only weapon that doesnt consume durability so great early on when repair powders are scarce due to low souls.

* swap here, situational: Thorolund Talisman/Pyromancy Flame/Demon's Catalyst(I use Demon's as it looks obsidian like an is only -10spell adjust from best this build can use, only for defensive/ellusive spells anyways) 

-Above are main(s) but i also carry a Black Knight Greatsword+5 (scales 'great' with said stats an looks obsidian-like plus great attack varitey) a Lightning Gargolye Tail Axe +5 for Elemental dmg/speed an a Lightning Sniping Crossbow +5 for a true ele ranged. Those are ALL the weapons i carry to make swapping very easy. 


Why these? High natural def, no ring swappin action in battles, very high poise (72-95+), u look very menancing which in turn can help in some incounters. no other real reasons... after all gear u still have like 10pounds to work with an have on one of the heaviest load-out's possible so any changes u add wont tamper effectiveness. 


  • Havel's
  • Ring of Favor and Protection

When i need to use other rings out of nessesity i simply remove Dragons Tooth (put talisman/pyro/cata), switch Havel's shield for a Crystal shield an swap armor for lighter gear like Gold-Hemmed/Elite+5/Black leather +10 with Mask of the Father if needed, an then equip Ring of Sacrafice, Orange Charred, Covenant of Artoria, etc.... to Havel's slot. This will only need to be utilized a remote few times through-out gameplay, an all are PvE. 

Spells: you will have 5 slots to work with, all these i find are either very valuable for PvP/PvE 

  • Chameleon (great PvP for forest or Host play, this + DKGA R2 is amazing an scares some people...too funny)
  • Heal
  • Replenishment
  • Greater Heal Except
  • Force (fantasic spell that works great with this build!! allows ur big butt to close space. If connect an they fall, 2-hand your DKGA2h an forward-R2 them as they raise or simply R2 thur head. Plus u get 21 uses)
  • Gravelord Greatsword Dance/Firestorm Variation (great in small areas, good launchers 'IF' connect. i normally dont use but hey..u can :D)
  • Powerwithin (extra dmg = extra good...but not for me an build doesnt have highest VIT...)
  • Iron flesh ( great counter to 'slow' effect just make sure foe isnt using lightning first. Havels shield helps a bunch here if there is a problem)
  • Fire Surge ( good backup spell to gain distance/apply pressure)
  • Fire Orb/Great Fireball (they only use one slot an are very powerful w/ strong flame)
  • Great Combustion (combustion spells are GREAT for slow builds as peeps will try an backstab/close ground. Greet them wil this)
  • Chaos Fireball (for Fog Ring users an PvE moments as well as a nice surprise in narrow/small areas for PvP lava works great :)
  • Repair (very useful for this build tho a large quanity of Repair powders is much better then a whole slot)
  • Magic shield (tho Havels is 90% blockage, this is good in some cases as some mages are very powerful)

Spells i always have equipped are: Heal, Replenishment, and Force. then il normally have Fire Surge/Great Combustion or Iron Flesh/Chameleon but sometimes i scratch those 2 singles for Choas fireball but i normally will just use Black firebombs for same situations, least PvP.


Build Strategy

VIT is lower cause i dont mind the challange an have always had low VIT builds tho u could drop DEX to 18(all weapons i use are low DEX, DKGS is 18, so dropping gives 4 more VIT. I also put a point into RES which u could pop into VIT which would bring that to 33. Faith was only 12 for long time but the added miracles are worth more then ~200 added HP.

First off know this is a 'Fat-Roll' build (fat-roll LOVE) . You will not be very fast but your high stamina and use of Green Grass will allow u to run quite a distance. However you will have better def in all areas, control power, meaning with very high poise and top shield u can manuver more without fear of oppenent(s) exact placement. Weapon choices for this build have great range and great abilities. DKGA(Dragon King's Great Axe) R2 is a bread an butter attack an Golem's Axe 1-handed R2 will keep any ranged fighter/runner on there heels. Havels shield's L2 is great for not only reducing dmg but giving life to the whole look of 'Obsidian'. With magic selection used, dealing with various 'trick' user's is not so bad at all. They use TWoP, you use Iron Flesh>Force>DKGA R2, they try an hug u with combustions u sheild block then force>DKGA R2. Many people will over judge your slowness as absolute weakness an try to backstab you which can be a pain but there are many solutions to this. Backstep>Force/DKGA R2 will keep them at bay if they try an close ground, use this, as they will likey then attempt to attack from afar thats when u whip out your golem's axe an give them a sting. Being hit by the shockwave unblocked with knock them over giving u plenty of time to close the gap an pound on them. Against tanks/Melee rely on timed kicks an Fire spray to distort foe an then take advantage. When i phantom i normally use Dragon's tooth in left because its length(over main) tricks people, it has a nice overhead straight attack that wont get hung up in narrow areas and packs quite the punch, and your DKGA combo's nicely with it. Keeping a healthy stock of Repair powders and Green Grass is essential, an i also have a large amount of black firebombs(to free-throw when out of pyro, against Fog-Ring users). It will require skill an knowledge of foe(s) to be very effective with this build but its def possible, i've had many runs were ill be at 10-15 kills before i die as being cautious and timely can give you a lot of longevity. On a last note remember to KICK its ur fastest attack (and def with this build) an will prove invaluable! Fast rolling is nice but its not nearly as important as most people make it out to be (meaning all builds), you can still fatroll through attacks u just have to work on timing, an sides with this build and in general its normally always best to block over spam-rolling. Lag in game/placement will punish u for over doing it more often then not. Although i will say dealing with AoE unblockable's like Firestorm/Gravelord Sword's can be a hassle but those spells get few casts so play with caution, just dont be afraid to get up an in foe's face to apply pressure. See what they do. If they stand there ground, kick, AoE and/or pyro, if they retreat bring out the Golems Axe an use terrain.

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