Introduction: After watching a video of a Japanese player playing with this build, I knew I had to make a character and try it out myself. Turns out its amazingly fun! This build is made specifically for taking and dealing lots of heavy damage, while still remaining mobile. This is primarily a PvP build, and this is only a framework. You can add or rearrange different aspects to your liking.
Here is the video of it in action.
When creating your character with this build in mind, make him/her with a VERY LARGE body type. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Starting Class: Bandit
what a fatass

SL 122
Vitality: 50
Attunement: 16
Endurance: 40
Strength: 50
Dexterity: 9-10
Resistance: 11
Intelligence: 8

Head Options-
  1. Catarina Helm +5
  2. Elite Knight Helm +10
  3. Havel's Helm
  4. Smough's Helm
  5. Mask of the Child
  6. Mask of the Father
Chest Options-
  1. Catarina Armor +5
  2. Elite Knight Armor +10
  3. Havel's Armor
  4. Smough's Armor
Arm Options-
  1. Catarina Gauntlets +5
  2. Elite Knight Gauntlets +10
  3. Havel's Gauntlets
  4. Smough's Gauntlets
Leg Options-
  1. Catarina Leggings +5
  2. Elite Knight Leggings +10
  3. Havel's Leggings
  4. Smough's Leggings
Right Hand-
  1. Golem Axe +5
  2. Demon's Greataxe +15
  3. Dragon Greatsword
  4. Lightning Zweihander +5
  5. Lightning Demon Great Machete +5
  6. Gravelord Sword +5
  7. Lightning Shotel +5
  8. Dragon Tooth
  9. Dragon King Greataxe
  10. Demon's Great Hammer
  11. Lightning Man-Serpent Greatsword +5
  12. Lightning Butcher Knife +5
  • Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5
  • Ivory Talisman
Left Hand-
  1. Crest Shield +5
  2. Grass Crest Shield +10
  3. Crystal Ring Shield +5
  4. Lightning Heavy Crossbow +5 with Lightning Arrows
  • Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5
  • Ivory Talisman
Ring Options-
  1. Ring of Favor and Protection
  2. Havel's Ring
  3. Cloranthy Ring
  4. Ring of Steel Protection
  5. Wolf Ring
  6. Dark Wood Grain Ring

Pyromancy & Miracle Options-
  1. Great Fireball
  2. Great Chaos Fireball
  3. Great Combustion
  4. Poison Mist (Optional. For harassment)
  5. Toxic Mist (Optional. For harassment)
  6. Acid Surge (Optional. For harassment)
  7. Iron Flesh (MUST HAVE AT ALL TIMES)
  8. Heal
  9. Replenishment
  10. Force
  11. Emit Force
  12. Magic Barrier (Recommended)
  13. Lightning Spear
  14. Tranquil Walk of Peace

Strategy and Tactics :
Always, always, always practice parrying. It can be difficult, but it pays off big time. One or two ripostes can be a duel-ender, even if odds are stacked against you. If you are really good at parrying, you can win 2v1's and 3v1's without a problem if you can micromanage opponents. If you are against an opponent who is considerably weaker OR less skilled OR has less HP and Poise, you can consider simply two-handing your weapon and letting loose. Your high HP and Poise will be more than enough to last through the (short) fight.

VS. Dex Assassin
Never ever expose your back. Never let them get a free backstab if you can help it. High level Dex Assassin builds can dispatch you quickly if you let them land consecutive backstabs or ripostes. However, they typically use daggers and swords, which are some of the easiest weapons to parry. You can opt to bum-rush them and come at them swinging, as they usually have little to no poise and very little HP. BUT they are probably much more mobile than you are. They will most likely be rolling and flipping all over the place, so use your attacks often to "poke"; to gauge distances and apply pressure. Use pyromancies to mix up as well. If you land a hit, and they enter stunlock, this is a cue to go all in.

VS. Sorcerers/Pyromancers
Try to put on a Spell Stoneplate Ring or a Fire Stoneplate Ring once you determine they are sorcerers/pyromancers.If you have Magic Barrier equipped, use it against the sorcerers . Block and roll through their spells and once you get within melee range, you can two-hand your weapon and let 'er rip. If they pull out a dagger or sword, and you are proficient at parrying, that's a free riposte for you. Don't let your guard down, they can land a homing missile out of nowhere and potentially 1-hit-kill you.

VS. Knights
Cast Iron Flesh, and use your Lightning Spear and various pyromancies to whittle him down at long range. Once he closes the distance, bust out your shield and weapon of choice and engage in melee. Parry every time you get a chance.

VS. Faith Knights
This can be a difficult fight. They can do some mean damage with their Divine and Occult weapons, and their miracles aren't of much help. Take this one slow; keep your guard up, and examine how they fight. If they are melee-heavy, then clever use of pyromancy and parries will give you the upper hand. Just be mindful of their miracles, namely Wrath of the Gods and Tranquil Walk of Peace. If they decide to be Miracle-heavy, then you're gonna have to zone a lot. You can try baiting Miracles until they run out of charges, or fight them at long range with Lightning Spears and fire orbs (or a crossbow if you brought one). Remember, you can roll through a WoG, and you shouldn't be getting hit with TWOP. If you ARE hit with the TWOP debuff, cast Iron Flesh and engage in a defensive melee. Once the debuff wears off, you can change tactics accordingly.

VS. Tanks
The mirror match is the most difficult match. Skill wins the battle here.

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