Built mainly for PvP, though very powerful in PvE and Coop. This build is in between a pure caster and Int based melee build.

SL120 Sorcerer

  • Vit - 47
  • End - 40
  • Att - 23
  • Str - 11
  • Dex - 12
  • Res - 8
  • Int - 50
  • Fai - 8

Crown of Dusk, Sage Robe, Havel Gauntlets, Black Iron Legs
Crown of Dusk, Maiden Robe, Havel Gauntlets, Havel Legs
R - Enchanted/Lightning +5 Estoc, Moonlight or Enchanted +5/Normal + 15 weapon of choice
L - Crest Shield, Tin Crystal Catalyst or Logan Catalyst
Rings - Dark Wood Grain Ring, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring or Hornet Ring or Red Tearstone Ring or Wolf Ring


For PvP, poke/chip with Estoc while waiting for parry or backstab opportunity or switch to heavier second weapon for stun/damage. Should you be backstabbed, getting up and turning on them with Moonlight by surprise can turn the situation around quickly, and with 50 Int damage is pretty good. Also take advantage of switching weapons when passing behind cover, like when fighting in Anor Londo just before the boss gate, ie attack with Estoc, then go behind pillar, switch to Moonlight, then stunlock/break guard when exiting cover.
Spell strategy depends on equipped spells, which can be anything. I usually use 4 slots worth of [Crystal] Soul Spear and 2 slots of Homing Crystal Soulmass. With 40+ poise, you can poise through some hits while casting, and the damage with CSS should be at least 50% health against most other builds when using TCC to cast. HCSM is more for pressure or to provide cover when you need to back off to switch out equiptment, etc.

For PvE I usually use 1-2 White Dragon Breath, 2-3 [Crystal] Soul Spear, and 2 Homing Crystal Soulmass. TCC for power, or Logan for more casts. There's pretty much enough spells to nuke everything including the boss when Cooping. If you want even more spells, you can use a Seance Ring (or two).

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