Castlevania: Souls Of The Dark
By TriggerStrifey


Ver. 1.06 Updated 9/29/2014
List Of Changes
-Added the use of the Miracle "Lightning Spear" symbolizes "Agunea" from SOTN - Thanks to mistylear19 for the suggestion!

Starting Class: Wanderer
Starting Gift: Master Key


This is a build and game mode based around the vampire killing family, The Belmont Clan. Your only weapon you may use is the Whip (You may use the Scimitar and Shield, until you acquire the Whip). Throughout this playthrough you are only allowed to use the whip "One-Handed Only". This is done to make it similar to the Castlevania series and to put an added amount of difficulty into the game. Be prepared, because this will test your dark souls skills. I have to warn everyone who will attempt this build, it is for "Experienced" players. Areas get twice as challenging, you will have to use every trick and move in your arsenal to survive. Now let us venture into Castlevania: Souls Of The Dark.


-You cannot play with a shield
(Belmonts don't get shields.)

-Nor can you use pyromancy or sorcery.
(That's for alucards and witches. :P)

-You may use these miracles listed below with any type of "Talisman"

Force (Lvl. 1 Grand Cross)
Emit Force (Cross)
Wrath of the Gods (Lvl. 99 Grand Cross)
Magic Barrier (Invisibility Potion)
Great Magic Barrier (Super Invisibility Potion)
Tranquil Walk Of Peace (Stopwatch)
Lightning Spear (Agunea) *Thanks to mistylear19 for this suggestion*

-Weapon Items that can be used are...

"Throwing Knife/Poison Knife" (Dagger)
"Firebombs/Black Firebombs" (Holy Water)
"Any Resin" (Power-Ups for the Whip).

-Consumables items such as Humanity, Moss Clumps, Green Blossoms, Transient Curse, etc...are allowed.
(Check here for full list of consumables: Soul items are also allowed.)

-You can use the Estus Flask, but it only can be upgraded to +2. Note #1
(I was actually not gonna allow any Estus Flask upgrading, but even with healing it's still pretty ***** challenging.)

-You may only kindle bonfires 1 time.
(This means you cannot use the Rite Of Kindling once you acquire it)

-You cannot summon any Phantoms to help
(This is Castlevania. It's a solo mission.)

-You are not allowed to purchase or use the Repairbox. Note #2
(This is here to force you to rethink your situation and carry around repair powder )

Armor #1 Once you have cleared the "Entrance To Dracula's Castle", you are allowed to upgrade your armor to +5.

Armor #2 After attaining the Lordvessel you are allowed to upgrade your armor to +10.

-You can join any covenant
(This means you can make a Dark Belmont if you want)

-You can only have 1 attunement slot
(This is to symbolize the Sub-Weapon slot in Castlevania games)

Finally, I reiterate you are only allowed to use the whip One-Handed Only .

Have fun playing Castlevania: Souls Of The Dark! :)
(If you have any questions or need some tips and hints. Check out the BlankTriggerGamers "Souls Of The Dark" Series here ->

+To Attain The Whip (Whip Of Alchemy)+

After reaching Lordran, rush straight for the whip. Go through Londo Ruins, take the shortcut from the Valley of the Drakes, and head into Blight Town (just dash past the fatties and other bad guys.) Check the video below for the exact location.

[Credit: Thanks To Somaldelhar] for creating the strategy for getting the Whip easier.

+To Attain The Notched Whip (Thorn Whip)+

You must have the Peculiar Doll (You can find it in the cell you were locked in at the Undead Asylum) and enter the Painted World in Anor Lando. After finding your way to the courtyard with the Phalanx (300 Spartan Wannabes lol) go to the area closest to the front entrance. You will find a place with a bunch of undead enemies with torches, defeat all of them. After they are defeated run around that area until Xanthous King Jeremiah (Whip's Memory ) invades you. Defeat Xanthous King Jeremiah (Whip's Memory) and the Whip is yours.

[Credit: Thanks To HasegawaRayven] for the Whip's Memory idea.

+Whip Moveset+

  • Normal Attack: Decent ranged attack in front of you. When you attack, Belmont takes one step forward. This can be dangerous in tight spaces, as this one step can lead you off a cliff.
  • Heavy Attack: Similar to the normal attack. Do as second heavy attack to swing the whip in an arc in front of you.
  • Jumping Attack: Against the stronger bosses towards the end of the game, this move will become essential in how you defeat them.
  • Rolling Quick Attack: Very essential move. When rolling toward or away from the enemy quickly let out a normal attack after completing the roll. It will swing the whip faster than any of the other attacks you have in your arsenal.
  • Running Attack: This will be one of your greatest attacks to use. It swings the whip faster than the normal and heavy attacks.

    (For all his attacks, he takes a step forward when attacking. Beware when around cliffs; this step can lead you off one.)

+Max Levels For Build+ Note #3

-How this section works:
The goal or requirement listed in the brackets [ ] is what must be done for you to reach that Soul Level Cap.

Example: At the beginning my max level is 30, but once I defeat the Iron Golem the level cap is raised to 40

[Starting Level Cap] - SL30
[Defeated the Iron Golem (Final Guard), Reached Anor Lando (Dracula's Castle)] - SL40
[Cleared The Painted World (Test of The Belmont Clan)] - SL50
[Acquired the Lordvessel, Unlocked The Tomb of the Giants (The Catacombs), Dukes Archives (Long Library), And Lost Izalith (Hell)] - SL60
[Defeated Gravelord Nito (Death)] - SL70
[Defeated Seathe The Scaleless (Galamoth)] - SL80
[Defeated Bed of Chaos (Legion)] - SL90
[Defeated Four Kings (Dracula's Familiars) in New Londo Ruins (Abandoned Mine)] - SL99

+Preferred Stats For Each Level Cap+

-I say preferred, because you don't have to follow these if you don't want to. I will say though
that these stats got me through this build with less anguish, backtracking, and it not being
STUPID hard.

Stats for SL30
Vitality: 13
Attunement: 11
Endurance: 16
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 22
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 18

Stats for SL40
Vitality: 14
Attunement: 11
Endurance: 18
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 25
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 22

Stats for SL50
Vitality: 15
Attunement: 11
Endurance: 20
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 28
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 26

Stats for SL60
Vitality: 16
Attunement: 11
Endurance: 22
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 31
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 30

Stats for SL70
Vitality: 17
Attunement: 11
Endurance: 24
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 34
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 34

Stats for SL80
Vitality: 19
Attunement: 11
Endurance: 24
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 37
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 39

Stats for SL90
Vitality: 21
Attunement: 11
Endurance: 24
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 40
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 44

Stats for SL99
Vitality: 24
Attunement: 11
Endurance: 24
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 40
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 50

Final Stats

Vitality: 24
Attunement: 11
Endurance: 24
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 40
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 50

+Armor+ - *Any Armors That Have 0 Poise May Be Used*

  • Helmet: None (Belmonts don't wear helmets)
  • Armor: Wanderer Coat +10 / Hard Leather Armor +10 Armor #1/Armor #2
  • Gloves: Wanderer Manchette +10 / Hard Leather Gauntlets +10 Armor #1/Armor #2
  • Legs: Wanderer Boots +10 / Hard Leather Boots +10 Armor #1/Armor #2


  • Right Hand 1: Whip +10 (Whip Of Alchemy) / Divine Whip +10 (Vampire Killer) Ascending #1/Note #4
  • Right Hand 2: Notched Whip +15 (Thorn Whip) / (Any Path) Notched Whip +10 (Special Whip)
  • Left Hand 1: Any Talisman (Cross)
  • Left Hand 2: Skull Lantern


  • Any Ring [Except for the Wolf Ring] Note #5

    (In Castlevania every hit knocks you back. High poise would not remain true to the series.)


  • Force/Wrath of the Gods (Grand Cross)
  • Magic Barrier/Great Magic Barrier (Invincibility Potion)
  • Tranquil Walk Of Peace (Stopwatch)
  • Emit Force (Cross)
    [Credit: Thanks To Somaldelhar] for the Emit Force And TWOP suggestions.

*You May Join Any Covenant*

+Ascending the Whip of Alchemy to Vampire Killer+

Once you have successfully cleared the Painted World (Test of the Belmont Clan) and have 28 faith, then you are allowed to use the Divine Ember to awaken the Whip of Alchemy.
If you awaken the Whip of Alchemy, you will get the Vampire Killer.

+Boss Weakpoints & Strategies+

Taurus Demon: Holy Water/Lightning Power-Up/Whip

Strategy: Lead him to the top of the tower, use the lighting power-up (if you have any) and try to
trick him into doing his delayed power swing by running towards him then backing away.
If all else fails, then just dodge and continuously throw holy water at him.

Gargoyles: Holy Water/ Lighting Power-Up/Whip

Strategy: If you have any lightning power-ups left use em. Try to destroy the first gargoyle's tail (It will make
the battle so much easier). Once the second gargoyle appears, back away and use holy water until
there is one left. After that just dodge and whip until you defeat them.

Adramelech: Holy Water/Whip

Strategy: As soon as you enter the room run towards the staircase to the lure the Hellhounds from
Adramelech. Either attack them with the whip or destroy them with Holy Water. Once they're taken
care of you can focus on Adramelech. I would advise using Holy Water and fighting him from the
staircase. Though you can take him head on if you wish.

Queen Arachne: Whip

Strategy: Nothing I know of can seriously damage the Queen Arachne at this point (Unless there's
something out there that someone can tell me). The only viable option to attack the queen is to dodge
and use the jumping attack. Try to stay mid distance, not too close, not too far. Just keep repeating the
process, until you defeat her. This is an endurance battle.

Final Guard: Green Blossom/Whip

Strategy: Stock up on green blossoms and make sure your whip is at least +7 or Higher. There are 2
ways to defeating the Final Guard. The first way is to take him head on with the whip and continuously
dodge, then attack. The 2nd way is to knock him off the Entrance. To do the 2nd way, run up to him as
soon as the battle starts. Try to make it so that he doesn't cross the tiny bridge all the way. While he's
still on the bridge hit him continuously as fast as you can (Do not worry about damage). Once he's
staggered KEEP HITTING HIM AS FAST AS YOU CAN! If you hit him with enough strikes he'll fall over
off the bridge.

Slogra & Gaibon: Holy Water/Fire Power-Up/Thorn Whip
Warg Of The Knight: Vampire Killer
Galamoth: Holy Water
Legion: Grand Cross
Death: Vampire Killer
Dracula's Familiars: Grand Cross/Thorn Whip
Dracula: Grand Cross/Vampire Killer


  • Note #1 I listed above that you are allowed to kindle flames and use Estus flasks, but if you want to make it a True Castlevania run I would suggest not to heal at all during Boss battles.
  • Note #2 Lordvessel is now allowed and homeward bones are too, but you must still see a blacksmith if you want your weapons upgraded or fixed.
  • Note #3 The stats for each level are a guideline to finish the playthrough without making it extremely hard, tedious, or even impossible. You can change them, but I would advise sticking to the ones I've listed. The MAX Level for each area cannot be changed and are there for immersion purposes.
  • Note #4 DO NOT UPGRADE to a Divine Whip (A.K.A Vampire Killer) before having at least 28 Faith, it loses its B grade for scaling with dexterity.
  • Also there is no restrictions on upgrading weapons, except for the Whip of Alchemy not being able to be upgraded past +10.
  • Note #5 Rings are vital to this playthrough I would highly advise to pick up every ring you come across.
  • All types of Talismans are allowed.
  • At certain points in the game you will have to farm a bit for items and souls, but if you acquire the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. It will speed up the farming and make it effortless.
  • Playing in hollow form is preferred since invaders can interrupt the experience, but if you want to play in Human form go right ahead.
  • Getting the Large Divine Ember, if you do a running leap from the ladder that takes you in there, you can just run along the top of the coffin side all the way round to the ember [Credit: HasegawaRayven]
  • The Divine Whip is helpful against the Skeletons in the catacombs.
  • You can find 1 Large Titanite Shard on a body at the bottom of Blightown near where Quelana appears.
  • You can also find 4 Large Titanite Shards in Sen's Fortress. 2 in a chest, 2 on a body.
  • You need about 9 Shards to upgrade to +10 Normal, so with the 5 I listed and the 4 you can buy from the Crestfallen Merchant. You should be able to upgrade the whip to +10, before you reach Dracula's Castle.
  • By the time I reached Sen's Fortress my whip had been upgraded to +7 without farming. So it's possible to upgrade it to +9 with little effort.
  • Bloody Tears makes excellent background music ;)

Big credit to Borbman21 for the first Castlevania build on darksoulswiki. Also the inspiration and template for this build.

You can check out his build here.

    • Anonymous

      01 Nov 2017 13:29  

      Hey what about the third whip from the dlc? The Tail you cut off the Sanctuary Gaurdian is a decent whip that has poison buildup and can be upgraded. Is it allowed or no?

      • Anonymous

        07 Aug 2017 02:45  

        Galamoth: ?
        Legion: ?
        The other references are easy to figure out but I don't know these two. The Scaleless? Bed of Chaos? Who's who? Death has to be Nito.

        • Anonymous

          09 May 2017 00:04  

          i'm attempting this playthrough, with the additional rule of no estus at any point, after the run starts (when you get the whip) I just defeat quelaag. It's been pretty challenging so far. the redtearstone ring helps immensly when i fought quelaag. most of her attacks are easy to avoid, or will instantly kill you anyway, so a decent strategy is to let the poison take you to low health, then kill her with red tearstone power. alternatively, farming large titanite shards, healing with purple moss, and fighting her with a plus 10 whip is a good strategy as well. firebombs are great for the early bosses, you can take out the gargoyles, capra, and the butterfly all with relative ease by using only firebombs. also, should we upgrade armor to plus 5 before, or after we enter sen's fortress?

          • Anonymous

            06 Jan 2017 15:34  

            I would suggest summoning witch Beatrice for Moonlight Butterfly which is an optional bossbecause with the whip alone and no sorceries you have no chance of beating the Moonlight Butterfly

            • Anonymous

              Frustrating yet fun29 Sep 2016 15:00  

              Man I've almost completed one Belmont Run, it's been so frustrating at times but it makes you appreciate items and other styles of gameplay. Have to say... Artorias.... tough cookie.

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