Dark Ember

Ember required for weapon ascension. The church long hid the forbidden black ember, and no living blacksmith knows of it.
Ascends +5 divine weapon to occult weapon. (occult weapon can be reinforced to +5)
Occult weapons were used to hunt the Gods, and are effective against their followers and kin

Dark Ember is an Ember in Dark Souls.



Dark Ember Location



Dark Ember Usage

  • Given to Blacksmith Andre to modify +5 Divine weapons into Occult weapons.
  • Can be given to Andre at any time.



Note about Occult

  • It isn't the same thing as divine. Divine excels in fighting undead and things that have no soul anymore, like skeletons and such. Occult is a whole other type of reinforcement, it excels in fighting living things that have souls, like a lot of enemies in the game (especially Black Knights and Silver Knights, which take extra damage).
  • Note that NO extra damage is done by occult to invaders, hosts or phantoms in PvP.



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    • Anonymous

      Occult = PvE ember. Seems perfect for someone playing offline. I'm sure it will get plenty use in 10+ years when servers are dead/offline.

      • Anonymous

        Guys, guys, it's simply used for slaying mighty bosses and mini-bosses, such as:(bosses: Gwyn Lord Of Cinder,Dark Sun Gwyndolin, Seath The Scaleless (I suppose), Grave Lord Nito, Witch Of Izalith (Let's say you wouldn't need a really mighty weapon for this boss), Four Kings Of New Londo (Since they've got Gwyn's soul shards in themselves), Quelaag Daughter Of Chaos, etc...)(Mini-bosses: Silver Knights, Black Knights, NPCs(I suppose), Channelers, others need confirmation)

        • Anonymous

          tbh i understand why this was never added back into ds2 and 3, because there are barely any silver and black knights in ds3 and they also don't exist in ds2 so this weapon modification would be useless.

          • Anonymous

            I wonder for what purposses this ember was created. May be for hunting Nito? (for the prejudice of the Gods towards Death) or rather for hunting the Nameless King after betraying his father?

            • Anonymous

              Don't forget to mention that it does extra damage to the Gods themselves. Notably, Dark sun Gwyndolin, Dragonslayer Ornstein, giant sentinels and Gwyn himself.

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