Crystal Ember


Ember required for weapon ascension. The Crystal ember was created by Seath the Scaleless. Can only be handled by the giant God's blacksmiths.
Ascends +10 standard weapon to Crystal weapon; Crystal weapons can be reinforced to +5. Crystal weapons are powerful but brittle, and cannot be repaired.

The Crystal Ember is an Ember in Dark Souls.

Crystal Ember Location

Crystal Ember Usage

  • Give it to the Giant Blacksmith to ascend +10 Normal weapons to Crystal weapons.

Crystal Ember Notes

  • Crystal weapons cannot be repaired. Repair Powder is disabled and the Repair sorcery does not restore a crystal weapon's durability. The only way to repair a crystal weapon is to upgrade it. Upon upgrading, its durability is restored to maximum.
  • Crystal weapons cannot be downgraded.
  • The crystal equipment that Domnhall of Zena sells are not upgraded through the crystal path. They cannot be repaired, but have much higher durability.
  • In most cases, a crystal +4 weapon will have greater attack rating than a normal +15.
  • You can use the crystal halberd dropped by the first mimic in Anor Londo to obtain the Crystal Weapon trophy/achievement. Only 7 Titanite Chunks and 1 Titanite Slab are required to upgrade it to maximum.
  • It is recommended that when you ascend a weapon to crystal only max it for the trophy/achievement. Its durability will be reduced to 10% of its original value. It will break very fast and it cannot be repaired with anything at all. It is impossible to revert your weapons, so once you ascend a weapon to crystal there is no going back. The scaling on crystal weapons is good enough you don't need to exceed +4 for it to be better than a regular +15. It is advisable to use weapons that drop from enemies or that can be bought.




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    • Anonymous

      Obviously you dont use this for pve. Use this upgrade path for end game pvp weapons only, and back up your save when your build is finished before using them(which you should do before you start any multiplayer anyways). People saying its useless, only go to to +4 or that you need cheat engine/mules to go crystal upgrade path are just wrong(assuming multiplayer comes back one day, otherwise yeah its not worth it to use this obviously)

      • Anonymous

        Don't upgrade the Heavy Crossbow to Crystal.

        I figured "Why not, it's a friggen crossbow, it won't get damaged in battle like a sword." That's mostly true, but somewhere between clamshell enemies at ash-lake and Seath's Crystal cave; and the acid-spitting worms in Lost Izalith/Demon ruins, they broke my Crystal heavy crossbow. Now I gotta use the damn Sniper Crossbow...

        So I guess my Crystal-clear conclusion is DO NOT use Crystal on Unique items. Want a Crystal Longsword, Sure. In fact, make 2 or 3 or 4.

        • Anonymous

          What a bizarre upgrade path. Why would you ever make a weapon that breaks super easy and you can't repair?

          • Anonymous

            How do people get so many crystal weapons on switch? I just got two crystal zweis +5, and I don't think that there is a mule for it, are they duping them somehow?

            • Anonymous

              Useful only for low damage output/dex builds for bosses, and only upgrade to +4. The slab is not worth the waste for +5.

              • Anonymous

                So not only can you not repair the weapon, you also can't downgrade it and return it to normal. What on Earth were they thinking with this?

                • Anonymous

                  I wonder if "tumble buffing" works with a Repair spell, and if it works, how it responds to Crystal weapons...

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