Crystal Ember


Ember required for weapon ascension. Crystal ember created by Seath the Scaleless. Handled only by the giant God's blacksmiths.
Ascends +10 standard wpn to crystal weapon. (crystal weapons can be reinforced to +5)
Crystal weapons are powerful but brittle, and cannot be repaired once broken.

The Crystal Ember is an Ember in Dark Souls.

Crystal Ember Location

Crystal Ember Usage

  • Give it to the Giant Blacksmith to ascend +10 Normal weapons to Crystal weapons.

Crystal Ember Notes

  • Crystal weapons cannot be repaired. Repair Powder is disabled and the Repair sorcery does not restore a crystal weapon's durability. The only way to repair a crystal weapon is to upgrade it. Upon upgrading, its durability is restored to maximum.
  • Crystal weapons cannot be downgraded.
  • The crystal equipment that Domnhall of Zena sells are not upgraded through the crystal path. They cannot be repaired, but have much higher durability.
  • In most cases, a crystal +4 weapon will have greater attack rating than a normal +15.
  • You can use the crystal halberd dropped by the first mimic in Anor Londo to obtain the Crystal Weapon trophy/achievement. Only 7 Titanite Chunks and 1 Titanite Slab are required to upgrade it to maximum.
  • It is recommended that when you ascend a weapon to crystal only max it for the trophy/achievment. Its durability will be reduced to 10% of its original value. It will break very fast and it cannot be repaired with anything at all. It is impossible to revert your weapons, so once you ascend a weapon to crystal there is no going back. The scaling on crystal weapons is good enough you don't need to exceed +4 for it to be better than a regular +15. It is advisable to use weapons that drop from enemies or that can be bought.




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