Souvenir of Reprisal

Blood-drained, shrunken ear. Souvenir taken from subduing the guilty.
The knights called the Blades of the Darkmoon punish the guilty-soaked offenders of the Gods and take this as proof of their conquest. The earless corpses of the guilty will be left behind as a warning to others, inspiring both fear and respect for the Gods. Such is the eternal mandate of the Dark Sun

Souvenir of Reprisal is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls.

Souvenir of Reprisal Usage



Souvenir of Reprisal Location



Farming Guide

When farming, do not forget to wear ten Humanities  and the Gold Serpent Ring.



By Uriel1339

  1. Start at the Painted World Bonfire
  2. Run through the door which leads to the place with the Phalanx.
  3. Go through the door on the right where you had to turn the switch (Water Area where the Wheel Skeletons were)
  4. Go to the place where the Dark Ember is found
  5. Kill the Fire Guys there and then go to the Smith, two Harpies will come (run a bit around and perhaps upstairs then downstairs again)
  6. Now run back but turn right where the stairs lead upwards, kill the Harpy which is on the very top, then two others will also come, kill them all
  7. Run down to the field again and now into the tower, run all the way up and kill any Harpy in your way

This takes a few minutes and gives on each run around 2 Souvenirs of Reprisal


By ApostolicC (PSN - ballinboudreaux)

A Slightly easier way to farm these, if you dont want to risk dying trying to navigate the place, is to make a left instead of a right after killing the first undead archer.

  1. Start from the Painted World Bonfire
  2. Make your way up the stairs to a undead in front of you, and two to your right. After you kill those undeads, go up those stairs and kill two more sword wielding undead and an undead archer.
  3. Do not go to the right, instead go to the left and proceed up the stairs tucked around that corner, kill three more sword wielding undead along the way, until you reach the top.
  4. Grab the soul, or just walk over to the body it was on, and two harpies will fly to you. Kill them and then return to the bonfire.

Note: The Harpies will only fly to you if you touch the body so even after you collect the soul from it, go to it in order to get them to come.


    • 18 Jul 2019 21:24  

      on the first tower you can actually call up two other harpies witha bow you can the two harpies that would come and attack you when you pick up the dark ember. just get a bow with good range and shoot them

      • Anonymous

        09 Jun 2018 02:49  

        Insanely easy way to farm these:

        The first roof you can go to in Ariamis with exactly 2 Harpies... have Great Combustion and at least a lvl 11 Pyromancy Flame. They will both drop in the center of the platform and GC stunlocks both til they die in 4 hits. With the CGS Ring and only 6 Humanity, they were dropping souvenirs at about a 40% rate. I got doubles many times. It'll prob take 2 hrs to get 80 Souvenirs

        • Anonymous

          01 Jul 2017 14:16  

          Best way to farm these is to go to the tower in the centre of the painted world. Run up the stairs past the three harpies right to the very top, at most you'll only have to fight the highest one, the other two, if not all three, will end up falling down the centre of the tower, where you can go collect your loot. Recommended spells would be fall control to get down quickly and to have on in case you slip, and homeward so you don't have to spend souls on bones to get back to the bonfire quickly.

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