Chaos Ascension in Dark Souls

Adds Fire Damage and Humanity bonus based on the humanity you hold that increases per upgrade level but has no physical stat scaling. Fire damage increases per upgrade level slightly higher than base physical damage. This is also recommended for low level players with low stats.

Chaos Upgrades are a type of Upgrade in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. They enable players to "Ascend" weapons and shields in a specific path.


Chaos Upgrade path and Requirements:

Chaos Upgrades for weapon are performed by Blacksmith Vamos in The Catacombs.

Note that each upgrade level requires a number of soul that varies depending on the weapon.


From 0 to +4

From +4 to +5

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    • Anonymous

      Give up farming, do Negative Duping. Dont down vote me for not wasting my entire day farming for 2 weapons :,(

      • Anonymous

        Here's how I would get red titanite chunks no farming: Get the red titanite chunk in Great Hollow, go back to N. Undead Asylum and drop a Pyro. flame on the nest and reload, (You can get another from the egg dude or the swamp guy) you will recieve a rt chunk, kill the 2 black knights, and finally, get the last 2 red chunks in the Lost Izalith sewers. You can also get a red slab from a chest in there. Hope this helps.

        • Anonymous

          get your *****ing math right its 8 chunks lol just sayin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i gotta go back to farm one more

          • Anonymous

            Ok so so far im progressing through the game and im just taking a quick detour to get greatscythe and talk to vamos is trying to get chaos & fire infusions worth it? Im about to go deal with belfry gargoyle, and if it is worth at what pevel should i ditch chaos / fire infusion and go for standard ascension path for scaling

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