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    • 17 Feb 2017 14:54  

      i having a problem with the screen of my game,everytime i open the game the screen gets bugged here's a pic of what happen,if anyone know please help me

      • 12 Feb 2017 20:41  

        I'm having a problem on Dark Souls 1 with the Forest Hunter covenant. I accidentally hit one of those Npc guys in the forest and I requested absolution, but after joining the covenant again I invaded a host, killed them and I apparently betrayed the covenant. Can anyone help me?

        • 16 Jan 2017 14:44  

          I am a huge fan and to honor that game I tried to make an awesome trailer for it. I don't know if it is allowed here, but here is the link to the trailer

          • 14 Jan 2017 21:20  

            I was reading a Darksouls 3 blog and it mentioned something that resonates with me: the annoyance of a level cap. Even if it was resolved like in Skyrim, reduce a skill to basic, gain a permanent indefinitely stacking bonus to that skill. It is not that it would be easy to level up that far, even maxing out is not easy, but what I ask, is that it is possible.
            "Noraan strode across the rugged stones he had crossed a thousand times before. To his hand had the Lords fallen many times over, yet neither peace nor respite did his trials yield; his slavery was eternal, and upon each triumphant Link of the Flame, he was simply born again on yet another plane, forced to fight again those all too familiar foes, to live again through their curses and spite, to slay again those who refused their place in this Cycle. There were uncountable planes, and the Lords of each differed if only slightly; this plane was a mirror of the Primary, one of many worlds to which the realm's denizens could flee if the Void returned; yet their similarity meant that in spite of so many sacrifices, the Flame would be untended in nigh all of them. With each breath another plane was born, and upon it waited fresh misery, fresh boredom!

            Noraan had wearied of the hopelessness long ago, and now it drove him perilously near madness. The tedium of it all haunted him. There was a capacity, a peak all Ashen could reach, when their captured souls brimmed on the verge of overflowing, and no more could be devoured. Now all that waited was tedium, for he hadn't greater strength to seek nor greater conquests to which he could aspire.

            Now as often he did, Noraan wondered if other Ashen felt this mind sapping boredom, felt the anguish of helplessness, of bondage to an eternal cycle, of dominion unbreakable that their own greed had forged. They had tried and failed to link the Flame once, and now it beckoned again, true they would be accepted as Lords when their palm brushed the Coiled Sword, yet it mattered not. To rule over a thousand planes meant nothing when peace would never be found. He missed his home with a keenness that often surprised as much as unnerved him. It was somewhere he belonged, where he need not weep nor scream, for he had no reason to. But that was lost as was so much else. He was alone in this journey of misery, in this quest of anguish. Boredom was his greatest foe, and the only he could not conquer. "

            Quoted from the Tale of Noraan,

            • 22 Dec 2016 13:54  

              I am playing on ps3 and if someone need a hand on anything let me know.

              I am currently SL 148 and can get to any boss but nito or gwyn which i'll get there tonite.

              Psn:serolav or email me on

              • 20 Dec 2016 05:38  

                Will some one help me with sens fortress I have been trying for over a day and haven't made it to the first bonfire. My level is 72 and my name is LTrundell but it might show up as shadow in my world.
                Please help I will be waiting at the entrance

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