Gestures are emotes that you can perform to convey your feelings to other players or NPCs.
Use Triangle / Y to equip and arrange gestures at the menu.

On the Playstation 3 version of the game, you can hold the X button and use the Six-Axis controller to perform gestures. Also you can press SELECT and the gesture menu will pop up, then highlight the gesture you want and press X or A for PlayStation and Xbox respectively.
WARNING: When you are using a gesture you cannot move/attack until the gesture is finished, use at your own peril.

Icon Gesture How to get
7001.png Point forward Starting Gesture
7008.png Point up Starting Gesture
7009.png Point down Starting Gesture
7000.png Beckon Starting Gesture
7006.png Wave Starting Gesture
7003.png Bow Starting Gesture
7013.png Proper bow Learned from Dusk of Oolacile at the Darkroot Basin (summoned at the rock near the Hydra)
7002.png Hurrah! Learned from Blacksmith Andrei at the Undead Parish
7005.png Shrug Learned from Petrus of Thorolund at the Firelink Shrine
7010.png Look Skyward Learned from Shiva of the East in Blighttown (Forest Hunter Covenant)
7011.png Well! What is it! Learned from Oswald of Carim at the Undead Parish
7004.png Joy Learned from Domhnall of Zena.All classes (except Knights and Clerics) starting gesture.
7014.png Prayer Learned from Reah of Thorolund. Knights and Clerics start with this.
7012.png Prostration Learned from Patches the Hyena after beating the Tomb of Giants
7007.png Praise the sun Covenant Warrior of the Sunlight / Interacting with the Altar of Sunlight (Being part of the Covenant is not required)

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