Stamina is a game mechanic that controls how much activity you can do before needing to rest. It's represented by a green bar on top of the hud.


  • The Endurance stat governs the amount of stamina the character has.
  • The maximum stamina of 160 is achieved at 40 Endurance.
Endurance: 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Stamina: 89 90 91 93 95 97 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 115 117 119
Endurance: 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41
Stamina: 121 124 126 129 131 133 136 139 141 144 146 149 152 154 157 160 160



Attacking, blocking, dashing, jumping, rolling, parrying, shooting arrows, back stepping, backstabbing, and riposting will consume stamina. If you run out of stamina or, "bottom out," your character will be unable to do any such actions until your stamina regenerates.

  • Dashing is the worst case, since you must wait a full 3 seconds before dashing again, regardless of your maximum stamina or stamina regeneration.
  • Blocking an attack that empties your stamina will break your guard and temporarily stun you. During this stun, however, your stamina will regenerate. Attacks that empty your stamina significantly below zero will also damage you.
  • In general, attacking with heavy weapons consumes more stamina than lighter ones, heavy attacks consume more stamina than light attacks, and two-handed attacks consume more than one-handed attacks.
  • You can still attack, even if the remaining amount of stamina is lower than what the attack consumes. Doing so, however, will consume stamina outside of your pool, below zero, and must refill back to positive before stamina-actions can be taken. You can not raise your shield while stamina is negative.
  • Parrying, riposting, and backstabbing require and consume stamina, and work similarly to attacking. Parrying and riposting are treated independent, so if you empty your stamina while parrying, you can not riposte.



Stamina is recovered by being passive, the rate is the same while jogging as when standing still.

  • Stamina recovery without any enhancing or reducing effects, is about 45 stamina per second.
  • Stamina recovery rate is seriously hampered while blocking.
  • Being intoxicated will also hamper the regeneration rate. (should be -15 per second, needs further testing)
  • While attacking, stamina regeneration is halted until the attack animation is done.


Penalty per worn piece of armor

  • Datamined pre 1.04 but should still apply
  • Penalty of 1 stamina per second:
    • Fang Boar Helm
    • Symbol of Avarice
    • Eastern - Chest
    • Adventurer's - Arm, Chest
    • Catarina - Helm, Leg, Arm, Chest
    • Steel - Helm, Leg, Arm, Chest
    • Black Knight - Helm, Leg, Arm, Chest
    • Paladin - Helm, Leg, Arm, Chest
    • Ornstein - Helm, Leg, Chest
    • Gough's - Helm, Leg, Arm, Chest (needs testing)
    • Cleric - Helm, Leg, Arm
    • Black Iron - Helm, Leg, Arm
    • Giant - Helm, Leg, Arm
    • Golem - Helm, Leg, Arm
    • Smough - Helm, Leg, Arm
    • Stone - Helm, Leg, Arm
    • Havel - Helm, Leg, Arm
    • Guardian - Helm, Leg, Arm (needs testing)
  • Penalty of 2 stamina per second:
    • Cleric - Chest
    • Black Iron - Chest
    • Giant - Chest
    • Golem - Chest
    • Smough - Chest
    • Stone - Chest
    • Havel's - Chest
    • Guardian - Chest (needs testing)


Stamina Recovery and Encumbrance*

Stamina regeneration is also affected by your Encumbrance Level (50-100%, and >100%).

  • Regardless of weapons or armor, regeneration is reduced at >50% and >100% encumbrance. With no other affecting items, regeneration is:
    • At 50-100%: -20% from normal
    • At >100%: -30% from normal
  • Encumberance Penalty hits after all other buffs and debuffs.
    • (basevalue + buffs/debuffs - armor penalty) * encumberance penalty


Stamina Regeneration Buffs and Items*

Certain buffs and items can increase stamina regeneration. All of them stack with each other additively, meaning that if one increases stamina regeneration by 10 and another increases it by 30 then using both will increase your stamina regeneration by 30. However, personal buffs (ie. Green Blossom and Power Within) cannot be used with each other. Furthermore, all increases from buffs and items are combined together into one percentage, and then stack with encumbrance-based reduction multiplicatively. Meaning, that if all items and buffs give you +50 stamina per second, but your encumbrance reduces your stamina regeneration by 20%, then in total you will gain 40 stamina per second.

Buffs and Items

There are several ways to increase the stamina regeneration rate. All items stack additively, but you are not able to use Power Within and Green Blossom at the same time.

  • Green Blossom - Consumable item. Increases base regeneration by 40 per second for a limited time. Prevents other personal buffs.
  • Grass Crest Shield - Can be used as a normal shield. Increases base regeneration by 10 per second when handed. (Can be on your back, such as when 2-handing a weapon.)
  • Cloranthy Ring - Increases base regeneration by 20 per second, but occupies a ring slot.
  • Mask of the Child - Worn in place of a helmet, or other head-gear. Increases base regeneration by 10 per second.
  • Power Within - Pyromancy. Once cast, increases base regeneration by 30 per second for a limited time. Prevents other personal buffs.


*these numbers and conclusions are drawn from a extensive testing. For more details and exact numbers, the results from those tests can be found here:

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