Rare tiny black sprite found on corpses. Use to gain 1 humanity and restore a large amount of HP.
This black sprite is called humanity, but little is known about its true nature.
If the soul is the source of all life, then what distinguishes the humanity we hold within ourselves?

Humanity is a Consumable in Dark Souls.

Humanity Usage

See also: Humanity.



Humanity Location

  • Firelink Shrine: On the corpse hanging over the well.
  • Undead Burg: On top of the sewer canal, beside the entrance from Firelink.
  • Undead Parish: On a corpse in a barrel inside the church, close to Lautrec's cell.
  • New Londo Ruins: At the end of the walkway along the raised wall, close to the Valley of Drakes entrance.
  • Valley of Drakes: In a small cave, beside the lone Drake who blocks the narrow path.
  • Painted World of Ariamis: One on each of the two hanging corpses, cut chains to gain access.
  • Tomb of Giants: On the ledge at the end of the last slide, right above the first bonfire.
  • Crystal Cave: Through a narrow passage with invisible floor, after the first Golem.




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