Welcome, Brothers to the user made covenant to Bequeath Artorias in all his glory.
All But the Darkstalkers are our enemy. Kill everyone without remorse or compassion. Seek the Followers of Gwyn and destroy them, Steal their humanity and if given the chance, humiliatArtorias-of-the-Abyss_.jpge them without mercy.
The Signs for fellow Covenant members shall be, Prostration, Look Skyward and finally Point Down. Anyone caught harming fellow covenant members shall be punished. In order to Rank up report To The Forums of your Achievements There will be a page for you to discuss. You must show decent skill of parrying and know how to be effective with magic. Report to me if you wish to take a trial for promotion.
Covenant Armor Classes: You may choose any weapon as you wish.
Artorias's Knights:
Full Dark Set
Artorias's Personal Guard:
Black Knight Chest
Dark Helmet Dark Leggings Dark Gauntlets
Artorias's Shadows:
Full Artorias Armor(When DLC is Released)
Covenant Leader: LaserBeamBoy12 Wiki Name: TheDarkSoulol Covenant Right Hand Man: Lodevo PS3
Covenant Members: (Recruiting)

wartime_wonders wrote:
is their anyway of contacting you via XBL? :)
Omegaxis1 I do not have Dark Souls on Xbox though.
GrimmandPete: How can I contact you on PS3 for more info on joining and training with parrying skills? You can hit me up on PSN as GrimandSorrow
GrimmandPete, I would be glad to help you.

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