Blood Lion's Ultimate Faith Build

(Soul Level 140)


VIT: 50

ATT: 23

END: 40

STR: 14

DEX: 16

RES: 11

INT: 8

FAI: 60


RH1: Lightning Uchigatana +5 / Uchigatana +15 (Use with Darkmoon Blade)

RH2: Darkmoon Bow +5 (With Moonlight Arrow's)

LH1: Crystal Ring Shield +5

LH2: Darkmoon Talisman


HEAD: Crown of Dusk

CHEST: Antiquated Dress +5

HAND'S: Antiquated Glove's +5

LEG'S: Antiquated Skirt +5


RING 1: Cloranthy Ring / Ring of Fog (When your Invading or getting Invaded switch to this)

RING 2: Ring of the Sun's Firstborn


MIRACLE 1: Tranquil Walk of Peace

MIRACLE 2: Great Lightning Spear

MIRACLE 3: Darkmoon Blade

MIRACLE 4: Wrath of the God's

MIRACLE 5: Great Magic Barrier

MIRACLE 6: Great Heal

This is my first build so I'm not typing much it's late and I have a headache, lol. I'll type more tomorrow!!

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