Utilizes unique weapons, Golem's axe+5 and a lightning Bonewheel shield+5.


RH 1- Golem's axe+5 > It's not the damage that makes this a very good weapon, but it's the Stun-locking that is just pure amazing, Scales C/E/-/- In order. Has a special attack, 1H RT will trigger the special, Fast-striking projectile.

RH 2- Ascended flame+5 > Strongest out've all the Pyromancy flames.

LH 1- Lightning Bonewheel shield+5 > Your special weapon pretty much, LT with cause a very powerful 3-hitting attack that can easily do 600+ Dmg.

LH 2- Thorouland Talisman > Consists of low Faith, This talisman has a set magic adjustment, making this a viable option.


-Paladin helmet+5

-Armour of the glorious

-Brigand gauntlets+10

-Havel's leggings


Vitality-----------------------Attunement------------------------------- Endurance -----------------------------------Strength ---------------------------------Dexterity ----------------------------------Resistance----------------------------------- Intelligence ----------------------------Faith


-Starting class: Cleric

-Gift: Master key

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