I'm Sorry Carving

Head carved of archtrees by gough in his imprisonment. Gough imparts an emotion to each and every completed carving, which helps him achieve personal enlightenment. When a head is disturbed, it speaks, reflecting the emotion conferred to it.
This head says "I'm Sorry". Have another look. Isn't that an expression of atonement?

I'm Sorry Carving is a Carving in Dark Souls.


I'm Sorry Carving Usage

  • Says "I'm Sorry" when it makes contact with a hard surface.



I'm Sorry Carving Locations




  • Note goes here.





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    • It's kinda depressing that I found the Sorcerer who had this looking over the side of a high wall; it didn't even turn around when I approached it (and I was wearing half Black Knight, half Havel gear so I'm pretty sure it heard me)... ... and then after I got it, a random Bloathead I didn't see spotted me, did its insane little cackle and fell past me to its demise a second later. I didn't know whether to be laughing or just annoyed.

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