Acronyms and Abbreviations used in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered provides a handy list of commonly found shortform for many prevalent mechanics, locations and equipment.

Acronyms and Abbreviations in Dark Souls

AOE - Area of Effect
AoTA - Atorias of The Abyss
BKGA - Black Knight Great Axe
BKGS - Black Knight Greatsword
BKH - Black Knight Halberd
BKS - Black Knight Sword
BoC - Bed of Chaos
BS - Back Stab
BP - Black Phantom
CHSM - Crystal Homing Soul Mass
CMW - Crystal Magic Weapon
CSS - Crystal Soul Spear
DP - Divine blessing
DGA - Demon Great Axe
DGH - Demon Greathammer
DM - Dark Moon
DMB - Dark Moon Blade
DOC - Daughter of Chaos
DSS - Dragon Slayer Spear
DW - Darkwraith
DWGR - Dark Wood Grain Ring
VOS - Vow of Silence

Farmer - A player character that intentionally camps in one or more game areas in which they purposefully do not defeat the area boss, with the goal of killing invaders for their souls or for general entertainment. Farmers are often characterized by the use of unbalanced or cheap tactics (or outright hacking), group attacks on single invaders, the camping of spawn sites, and the use of insulting gestures upon victory. Considered a particularly distasteful type of griefer as defined below.
Flipper/flipping - A human player wearing the DWGR, which turns their roll animation into a faster and more effective ninja-esque flip
Ganker/Ganking - A host who summons other players and, upon being invaded, waits with those other players around the invasion spawn point, in order to attack the invading player immediately upon spawning. Generally associated with dishonorable play.
GL - Grave Lord
GLGS - Great Lord Greatsword
Griefer - A player who takes actions with the sole intent of causing a negative experience for another player. Common forms of griefing you should look out for include:

  • A low level PvP invader with very good equipment that cannot normally be obtained until a much later point in the game and/or having much higher skill in PvP settings that focuses on invading lower level beginner areas such as the Undead Burg or Parish.
  • A player who utilizes lag-switching, the act of starting a large download of something at the same time they connect to another player in an attempt to deliberately increase lag for that multiplayer session.
  • A player who leaves a misguiding and/or unhelpful message, such as "Try falling" at the edge of a bottomless pit.
  • Players who host fights in worlds that engage in farming other players by deliberately abusing the numbers advantage they have over invaders, and ganging up on invaders in 3v1 fights.

GSoA - Great Sword of Artorias
HSM - Homing Soul Mass
LI - Lost Izalith
MLGS - Moon Light Greatsword
MSGS - Man Serpent Greatsword
NG - New Game
NG+ - New Game Plus
NPC - Non-Player Character (i.e., a computer controlled entity)
O&S - Ornstein and Smough
OHKO - One Hit Knock Out
PvE - Player versus Engine/Environment
PvP - Player versus Player
PW/PWoA - Painted World of Ariamis
RoFP (or "ring of fap") - Ring of Favor and Protection
SL - Soul Level
SLB - Sunlight Blade
Sunbro - A Warrior of Sunlight covenant member
ToG - Tomb of Giants
TWoP - Tranquil Walk of Peace
WoG - Wrath of the Gods

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