Armor Optimizer for Dark Souls refer to tools used to optimize defenses against certain types of damage, whilst maintaining as low weight as possible.

//Tools coming soon//

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      Best armour build? 1 your preferred roll speed, 2 your preferred combat style, 3 build from that, it really is that simple, myself, mid roll giant set with black greataxe and cleansing shield, highest physical Def great poise (I believe second from Havel) lighter than Havel set, with fap ring and currently Havel but 2 lvl away from steel protection or wolf, that'sank build to take damage as well as deliver back, my assassin build I've got quick roll with artorias set and dark silver and gold tracer, with fap ring (it's a must have ring for no bonfire runs or minimal bonfires) and hornet ring, I can give a few more examples but you all get the idea, best advice, never fat roll unless you're full Havel weapons included as his shield makes the set op, start with mid roll for a bit if you want fast roll to have extra Def and build end up to 25% and those on mid roll use a strong weapon first and build your armour from there, unless you're a veteran then go naked with fists and show them how to play

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