This build Focuses on achieving high damage, while brutally punishing those who play too recklessly and aggressive with Critical strikes. These high damages are fairly easy too get because it includes, Power within, Red tearstone ring and the Black knight Greataxe along with Parries with a Tutorial on how to do them in PvP.


RH 1- Black knight Great axe+5 > Incredibly high damage, It scales with B for Strength, and E for Dexterity. With Power within and Red tearstone ring activated, AR is; 1238, You will do at least 800+ each hit landed. Some people may believe the BKGA is cheap, However, The Black knight greataxe weighs 16.0, This weight will hinder the player with ease if not wearing the mask of the father, or any other piece of equipment that increases Equipment load. The BKGA also has a rather horrible moveset other than RB / R1, because the Heavy attacks are to slow, But, They can be used after successfully Riposting or Backstabbing.

RH 2- Pyromancy Flame+0 > Make sure you don't upgrade this, Power within with a stronger Pyromancy flame doesn't effect the damage boost, But it does effect the HP drain per second, You will take more damage.

LH 1- Silver knight shield+5 > 76 stability, 100% Phys. Reduction, and High Defense for others, weighs reasonably light for the defense, 5.0 and blocks Auxilary effects with, 90/90/90/90 for poison / Toxin, Bleed and curse.

LH 2- Free slot / Nothing.


-Helmet: Mask of the Father > Increases Equipment load by; 20%, 15% if I'm mistaken.

-Armor: Knight's Armor+10 > If you were to wear Elite knight's Armor, You would ''Fat Roll'' so stick to the knight's base equipment.

-Gloves: Havel's Gauntlets > 28 Poise, 54 Phys. Defense, weighs 11.5 Which I Believe is reasonable for the Poise, Defense and resistances.

-Leggings: Havel's Leggings > Exact same defenses as the gauntlets, which means you'r Doubling you'r Defense, but same with the weight.

Total weight: 56.1 / 115.0 ( Including weapons and armor, This equipment load is achieved by the mask of the father + 60 Endurance ).

Added Defense ( w/ 99 Humanity, which adds defense ).

-374.0, Physical Protection.

-353.9, Strike Protection.

-405.1. Slash Protection.

-372.7 Thrust Protection.

-282.0, Magic Defense.

-284.0, Fire Defense

-269.0, Lightning Defense.

-214.2, Bleed resistance.

-68.4, Poison Resistance.

-176.0 Curse resistance.


-Red tearstone ring > +50% Atk. at > 20% or below.

-Dark wood grain ring > Flip rolls + 25% equip. speed <==50% Burden.


-Power within > +40% Atk. boost, HP drain / sec.


-SL: 120

Class: Warrior / Bandit / Hunter

Vit: 45 > This is a little higher than the stander PvP Vit. Level of 40. This gives you an Advantage of being able to take more hits, and I'm Talking a lot more, at 40 you have 1325, at 45 you get 1424.

Att: 10 > 1 spell slot.

End: 60 > Max stamina, 160. W/ 60 End + Mask of the Father = 115.0 Equipment load, allowing for Heavy Armor / Weapons without using Havel's Ring or Ring of favor & protection, And still be able to use Dark wood grain ring.

Str: 40 > A little over 36, which is enough to 1H the BKGA.

Dex: 18 > Enough to use any black knight weapons.

Res: 11 > Base stat.

Int: 9 > Base stat.

Fai: 9 > Base stat.


-Darkwraith: Has a SL reach for PvP of 120-713, which you risk invading higher SL's.

-Darkmoon: Can invade people SL 98-142, which most people are around, It Doesn't risk invading people like SL 700+.


- Higher Vitality than most builds.

- Higher damage, but risky.

- 76 poise.

- Large attacking range.

- Powerful Criticals ( Backstabbing / Ripostes ).


- Very heavy equipment.

- Loses added protection due to need of mask of the father.

- Risky build.

Strategy and how to's:

How to parry

  1. Block the first attack and prepare.

  2. Parry, Always parry faster than you do in PvE.

  3. walk forward a bit and riposte, Always assume you successfully parried. If you fail, repeat the steps above.

  4. After you riposte, Go behind them and backstab, Just like if you were to chain stab. It's cheap but it's basically doubling your damage and it get's the job done.

- Dex builds: These guy's try to go for backstab's and ripostes, I find it much, much

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