Blade of the Darkmoon Assassin Build
By: Predator1030
Starting Class:
Thief (because thief class starts with the Bandit's Knife)

Blade of the Darkmoon

Soul Level:
85, may change due to the PvP community changing

Stats (leave at default if *)
Vitality: 30
Attunement: *
Endurance: 25
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 20
Resistance: 22
Intelligence: 14
Faith: 30

Hidden Body: masks your presence, you are an assassin after all!
Darkmoon Blade: You get this from joining the Blade of the Darkmoon

Shadow Set or Gold-hemmed Robe Set

RH1: Lightning Uchigatana/Laito (when you get to higher level, get Painting Guardian Sword)
RH2: Lightning/Fire Bandit's Knife (for backstabs)
LH1: Sorcerer's Catalyst (Target Shield, Crystal Ring Shield, or Spiked Shield would also work well. You could replace the Bandit's Knife with the catalyst if you prefer to use a shield)
LH2: Black Bow of Pharis

Rings: Cloranthy Ring/Dark Wood Grain Ring/East Wood Grain Ring (your choice between the three, personally I would go with the Cloranthy and the Dark Wood)
Explanation of Equipment:

Armor: The two sets listed are light, will allow you to move quickly, and suit the assassin type character.

Weapons: The Uchigatana is a good all around weapon, despite its low durability. The Bandit's Knife is extremely effective when used for backstabs and/or ripostes. The catalyst allows you to cast Hidden Body, which will help you to remain undetected. The bow is for those longer range assassinations, or harassing an enemy as they approach.

Rings: An assassin needs to have stamina at all times. The Cloranthy Ring insures that you will always have stamina to dodge. The Dark Wood ring just suits the assassin by giving you a sweet dodge move, but the East Wood would probably be a better choice due to the Uchigatana's low durability.

Gameplay: This character is not intended to face multiple opponents, but to assassinate one or possibly two at one time. Dodging is your best friend with this build, as parries may be hard to pull off due to lag. Backstabs will also benefit you. Use the Hidden Body spell, it will keep you undetected as you sneak your way around hunting for the sinners listed in the Book of the Guilty. Remember, your mission is to punish the people that have invaded others!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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