After plentiful and thorough testing, I will post my results in this thread (results only, not test data). So, without further ado, here's all you need to know about Crystal Magic Weapon (aka CMW):

- Crystal Magic Weapon will add a *static* buff amount to your weapon's base stats. That is to say, it is unaffected by your weapon's stats. In effect, this means smaller weapons will benefit more from the spell, since the buff they will receive will be a greater percentage in relation to their base damage rating than it will for a greater weapon.

- Crystal Magic Weapon's buff amount scales with your Catalyst's Magic Adjust stat. It does not, actually, scale with your Int stat. Your catalyst's Mag Adj, on the other hand, will scale with your Int stat. It's important to make the distinction since, if you increase your Int but do not wield the proper catalyst, you will not get corresponding increases in CMW's effectiveness.

- The magic number is: 1.4
1.4 x Mag Adj = Buff amount

It's that simple! (Be aware that there are hidden decimals at play in your weapon's damage rating and in the buff amount. Therefore 1.4 will get you a prediction within a 1 damage rating point from the actual final number--close enough, I say!)

- The Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring does not affect the spell's effectiveness.

- Likewise, the Dusk Crown head piece and the Crown of the Dark Sun do not affect CMW.

- Spell duration: 1:00 minute

- The Lingering Dragoncrest Ring will increase by 1.5x the spell's duration for only and exactly as long as the ring is equipped during the spell's effect. So if you wear it the whole time, CMW will last 1:30 minutes. If you swap it out immediately, CMW = 1 minute; if you swap it out after 45 seconds, CMW = 1:15 minutes.

- Notable milestones in Mag Adjusts:
  • 25 Int: 180 Mag Adj - This is the maximum Mag Adj you can get at the minimum Int to use CMW. Will net you a 252 points buff on your weapon's base damage rating.

  • 32 Int: 254 Mag Adj - Minimum Int required to wield the Tin Crystallization Catalyst. Will net you a 356 point buff, but will reduce your number of casts from 3 to 1.

- More info on the TCC: the Tin Crystallization Catalyst, between Int levels 32 and 50 (I did not test beyond 50), will raise approximately 2.16 Mag Adj per Int SL increase. x1.4 = a 3 point increase in buff per Int level. Therefore, invest SLs in scaling stats if they raise your damage rating by more than 3 per level. Otherwise, level up Int.

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